University Blocks White Students From Cafe Appropriated As “Sanctuary” For Nonwhites

May 18, 2017 by

by Allan Stein –

Back in the days of Jim Crow and segregation people of color sat at the back of the bus, relieved themselves in restrooms designated for “Coloreds,” and took their seats in movie theaters way up yonder in the balcony section pejoratively known as “(Nasty-word) Heaven.”

The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s ended all that, right?

You would be correct if you answered yes — for people of color (POC).

On the other hand, you’d think it was Jim Crow all over again — in reverse — at American University, where white people are prohibited from using a new “student lounge” for the rest of the spring semester.

According to College Fix, the ban on whitey came after black students issued a demand list in response to a so-called “racist banana incident” two weeks ago.

“The Bridge Cafe only opened six weeks ago, and it won’t be serving coffee and food until the fall semester, The Eagle reported April 3,” according to College Fix.

“It was intended as “’a community space that student organizations can use however they would like,’ with open mic nights, slam poetry and ‘other student-initiated programming,” added Darcy Frailey, associate director for facilities and event services, as reported in College Fix.

The black activists say they have taken over the student lounge as a “sanctuary” for people of color as a “bare minimum” of their demands.

One of the activists had the grapes to refer to the list of three demands as “reasonable.” After all, the group is only “interested in building the kind of community which we are all proud of.”

Did you catch the irony? Maybe you’re laughing too hard.

In this leftist activist’s prideful scenario black students and other POC will have full access to and control over the choice spaces on campus, while self-hating white students skulk and grovel about in the background.

This isn’t political correctness run amok. This is collective punishment based on whiteness — the unjust result of a racial coup at American University by black activists, per the approval of a cowardly liberal administration.

Speaking of safe spaces, what safe spaces will there be left in America for other white people when they have been duly marginalized and have become a minority? National crime statistics alone paint a grim picture of black-on-white criminality that far outweighs white-on-black criminality per capita based on demographics (blacks comprise only 13 percent of the U.S. population, whites 63 percent).

With the racial role reversal nearly complete in our “color-blind” society, it will take a white Rosa Parks and a white MLK to balance the scales in favor of justice for all.

Please share your comments if you think the ban on white students using the student lounge at American University constitutes a violation of their civil rights and is, in fact, racist against white students.

Source: University Cowers To Black Students Demands – Blocks White Students From Cafe Appropriated As “Sanctuary” For Nonwhites ⋆ US Herald

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    Edward Hauck

    This is clearly racism in reverse. If any other group tried to ban all except white people would go ballistic. I’m all for everyone have a voice in whatever motivates them, but this is ridiculous and the admin should be ashamed of themselves. (The original reason for this maneuver also seemed to be exasperated by the admin in not handling it very well.) I am a liberal, but I’m also aware of going too far the other way to either prove a point or to make things right. Logic and reasonableness seems to have taken a vacation from college campuses.

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