University of Dallas Ranks No. 1 for Most Conservative Student Body

Aug 7, 2017 by

By Craig Bannister –

The University of Dallas and Hillsdale College ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in a survey aimed at determining which American colleges have the most conservative student bodies.

The rankings were based on a survey, conducted by The Princeton Review, of 137,000 students attending the 382 schools. The survey asked this question: “Politically, are you far-left, Democrat, non-partisan, Republican, or far-right?”

Here are the top 20 most conservative student bodies, as ranked by The Princeton Review:

  1. University of Dallas (Texas)
  2. Hillsdale College (Michigan)
  3. Thomas Aquinas College (California)
  4. College of the Ozarks (Missouri)
  5. Grove City College (Pennsylvania)
  6. Hampden-Sydney College (Virginia)
  7. United States Naval Academy (Maryland)
  8. Brigham Young (Utah)
  9. United States Military Academy (New York)
  10. Baylor University (Texas)
  11. Wheaton College (Illinois)
  12. Ohio Northern University (Ohio)
  13. Texas Christian University (Texas)
  14. University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Louisiana)
  15. Angelo State University (Texas)
  16. Wofford College (South Carolina)
  17. Clemson University (South Carolina)
  18. Kansas State University (Kansas)
  19. High Point University (North Carolina)
  20. Berry College (Georgia)

Source: University of Dallas Ranks No. 1 for Most Conservative Student Body

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