University of Arizona purchase of Ashford University alarms faculty

Aug 8, 2020 by

“It’s something that a university like ours should stay very, very far away from,” Dr. Leila Hudson, a UA professor, said.

University of Arizona’s plan to acquire a private for-profit university is generating harsh criticism from faculty, who say it could cause significant damage to UA’s reputation and that they weren’t properly consulted before it was announced.

Most faculty learned that UA planned to purchase Ashford University, a school with a checkered track record, and create a separate private nonprofit university in an email sent by the administration at about 3 a.m. on Monday.

The new University of Arizona Global Campus would purchase Ashford University from Zovio, an educational technology company, then enter into a complex long-term financial arrangement with Zovio.

Faculty who were given advance knowledge were required to sign nondisclosure agreements about the proposal. Separate groups of faculty who reviewed it sent memos to the administration. One said it would be a “catastrophic mistake” for UA. The other said they weren’t given enough information to weigh in.

Source: University of Arizona purchase of Ashford University alarms faculty

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