University of Tennessee-Knoxville Dedicates Entire Week To Diversity, Inclusion

Sep 30, 2013 by

Starting today, the University of Tennessee – Knoxville will roll out an entire week’s worth of campus activities focused on ”diversity” and “inclusion.”

An … entire … week. (Ok, four days, but close enough).

There’s morning sessions, there’s afternoon sessions. There’s panel discussions and keynote addresses. Topics such as “profiling” and “diversity and public policy” will be hashed out and dissected by scholars. One might check out the “hate speech workshop,” the “open forum on diversity and inclusion,” or the “humor and diversity” presentation.

But wait – there’s more: “Diversity and the Workplace,” “Traditional Media and Diversity” and “Social Media and Diversity” are more of the panels on tap.

And get this: the keynote address of the entire weeklong festivities is titled: “Does Diversity Really Matter?”

We kid you not.

Not to worry, a planned BBQ “diversity festival” aims to liven up what’s sure to be some depressing discussions over the course of the week.

Apparently dominating classroom discussions is not enough. Now campus officials want to propagandize students in between classes, too. All on the taxpayer’s dime, we might add.

“Diversity and Inclusion Week is an all-college event that allows us to come together to celebrate and discuss diverse ideas and concepts across a broad array of issues,” Dean Mike Wirth told “The sessions stress the importance of dialogue, open-mindedness and inclusion as important tools for solving problems and building communities.”

In other words: don’t disagree with people or tell them they’re wrong or you’re a hate-monger.

University of Tennessee-Knoxville Dedicates Entire Week To Diversity, Inclusion.

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