Update: Laying out the Facts Again About COVID: America’s Frontline Doctors

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10.18.20 – America’s Frontline Doctors

Update:  Laying out the Facts Again About COVID: America’s Frontline Doctors”

By Donna Garner

America’s Frontline Doctors once again met on the steps of the Supreme Court Building on 10.17.20 to inform Americans that they should not be afraid of COVID.  If treated early with excellent therapeutics (including the HCQ protocol), doctors can stop COVID.

This group of practicing doctors said that masks do not protect people from COVID and that they are dividing our society from one another.

Please take the time to watch the YouTube video (link posted below) of numerous frontline doctors whose experience and qualifications cannot be questioned. Here is a sampling of their comments:

The CDC has said that people who are less than 20 years of age have a 99.9997% chance of surviving COVID.

In the United States every year for people less than 15 years of age:

72 COVID deaths

600 traffic deaths

125 influenza deaths

350 drownings

1,800+ deaths from cancer

The Atlantic reported:  Data from 200,000 school children in 47 states shows that children rarely get COVID and rarely spread it to at-risk adults.

German study with over 2,000 schools: Children act as a break from spreading COVID to adults.

Yale University study: Stats from 50 states and 50,000 child care centers where children did not wear masks:  no evidence of children getting sick with COVID and no evidence that they are spreading it to adults.

The COVID virus is .12 microns; no mask can keep these small particle viruses from going through masks. We are surrounded by little viruses all the time, and we cannot “mask them away.”  However, there are early COVID treatments and such things as environmental mitigation (e.g., humidity).    

From California urgent care doctor close to El Centro/Mexicali, Mexico: His clinic treated over 20,000 patients in person – used early treatment – had only 1 hospitalization and 0 deaths.

From practicing child and adolescent psychologist in LA:  “America is infected with delusional psychosis.”  America has gone from “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” to “Fear is good; fear is mandated; and worst of all, fear is virtuous.”  This must stop.

All of these practicing doctors agree that early treatment with various therapeutics (including the HCQ protocol) works.  

TO WATCH VIDEO:  FRONTLINE DOCTORS GIVE UPDATE ON COVID-19 TREATMENT AND MEASURES: https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/stream/


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