Update to Tex. SBOE Meeting – Hyphenated-American Studies Course

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“Update to Tex. SBOE Meeting – Hyphenated-American Studies Course”

By Donna Garner

1.30.18 — 7:01 P. M.


UPDATE:  After listening to some 40 witnesses who testified at the Texas State Board of Education meeting (most of whom are aligned with Mexican-American Studies Courses from around Texas and Arizona), the majority of the Texas State Board of Education members decided to take action on the Mexican-American Studies Courses TEKS in the April SBOE meeting.  


At that meeting, it sounds as if the SBOE is going to decide (1) whether to make it a Latin-American or a Mexican-American Studies Course and (2) whether the group that is involved with the Houston ISD Innovative Mexican-American Studies Course is going to take the lead. 


I am very disappointed that the basic premise of having a discriminatory, divisive, hyphenated-American course (with full-blown TEKS) was never discussed.  I believe that should have been the first topic under consideration.  Because that was not the focus of the discussion, the rest of the comments and testimonies were mostly about trying to pressure the SBOE into moving into a foregone conclusion – a hyphenated-American studies course (with TEKS) that will definitely be forthcoming.  


Just listening to some of the testifiers today gave me pause for concern because of the obvious hostility and victimization they communicated. They do not seem to value and respect the many people of every ethnic/racial background who have gone before them to establish this wonderful land we call “The United States.”  


These testifiers (many of whom teach Mexican-American Studies Courses) seem to think that only “people who look like them” — a phrase they repeated over and over today – should be valued. This is a subtle way to teach racial divisiveness to our Texas students.   


This defensiveness worries me as I believe it reveals the inner bitterness and hostility these MASC supporters are relaying to vulnerable teenagers in their MAS courses.  Our Texas public school students do not need that kind of influence on their lives.


What we need to teach all students is to be proud of the many accomplishments and to be appreciative of the many sacrifices of the multitudes of people from all over the world who came to America to work out “their dreams.”  We of every ethnic and racial background are the recipients of their greatness.



1.29.18 — “Texas SBOE To Decide on Hyphenated-American Courses That Divide America” — by Donna Garner – EdViews.orghttp://www.educationviews.org/texas-sboe-decide-hyphenated-american-courses-divide-america/

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