US MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS: Congress and the President are hazardous to our health

Sep 6, 2011 by

Are we hurting enough yet to change our diet to cure ourselves?

by Peter Stern

To say that the American people are angry at and disappointed with their Congress and President Obama is a huge understatement. If they headed a corporation instead of our nation they would already have been fired in a New York heartbeat.

We need to raise taxes on those earning more than $250,000 annually and also cut our major expenditures, especially those being spent overseas. We should be eliminating wars instead of fighting them continuously. We need to spend U.S. tax dollars here at home instead of providing them to overseas countries who need to fend more for themselves.

It is time that our government initiates a national work project and to offer various incentives for private industry to create jobs and hire U.S. citizens. Politics must take a back seat to doing what is right for the majority of Americans.

Lastly, U.S. voters should get rid of lackluster, game-playing congressional incumbents by voting-in “new bloods” who have not yet been bought and contaminated by wealthy individuals, corporations and their various lobbies and PAC insurgents. What we need is to eliminate private campaign contributions and perks to political professionals and if Congress is set in cement to crush so-called “entitlements” like Social Security and Medicare programs, then the first thing we must eliminate are free health insurance and retirement packages to Congressional members because those are true entitlements.

The President and Congress have forgotten what their jobs are and they have neglected the American people in their quest for more power and money. It is time to right this massive injustice and for our leaders to step up their performance, which currently is at an all time low.

So, Congress and the President need to take 2 aspirins and start working for us in the morning.

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