USATestprep Review

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Helps teachers and school administrators measure and track the performance of students based on state and national standards.


USATestprep is a comprehensive online solution designed for teachers, by teachers. It enables teachers to develop a learning management strategy for their classrooms that can be tailored to identify and meet the needs of individual students. All its resources are aligned with most recent state and national curriculum, allowing teachers to ensure that students obtain the assistance they require.


USATestprep’s primary aim is to help teachers assess students’ progress and identify standards that need improvement. The former is attained through its vast number of practice questions as well as the ability to quickly and easily create benchmark tests. Teachers can then view the results of these tests and track their students’ performance in meeting standard levels.

In addition to assessing and tracking students’ performance, USATestprep also provides teachers with a diverse range instructional resources aligned with the standards specified by individual states. The resources can be used to conduct classroom sessions or provide individual help to address areas that need improvement for individual students.

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At first glance USATestprep can appear daunting – because of its scope and numerous features. However its interface is clean enough that it isn’t too hard to figure out the basics, which is aided by the simple yet effective tour as well as the various other help videos and webinars.

Overall it leaves a very utilitarian impression of having very few frills and focusing less on form and more on functionality.  In short it may not be the most aesthetically-pleasing platform, but it is one that delivers the goods.


Due to its comprehensive nature, the features of USATestprep encompass a wide range of tools allowing teachers or school administrators test and evaluate, track and analyze, as well as instruct students. Among its key features are its:

  • Benchmarking using tests and assessments that can be created quickly and easily to identify the strengths and weaknesses of students or to mimic state-administered tests.
  • District reporting that breaks down the usage of USATestprep by students, classrooms, schools and districts so that assistance can be provided if required.
  • Curriculum resources encompassing thousands of instructional videos based on state and national standards, exciting educational games, vocab worksheets, interactive puzzles, class scoreboards, and much more.
  • Practice questions that provide teachers with access to over 150,000 questions to build their own assessments while encouraging students to learn from any mistakes by giving them in-depth explanations instead of just a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ result.
  • Performance tasks for all subjects to thoroughly check student comprehension by testing them with questions and tasks in multiple innovative formats.
  • Learning pathways that teachers can use to create a unique strategy integrating the diagnostic assessments, individualized learning and curriculum resources to meet the needs of their students for test preparation or remediation.


One notable issue with USATestprep is that it can be difficult to navigate – especially initially. That is not helped by the nested navigation menus which take time to explore and become familiar with. Additionally the usage of Flash in some of the features (such as the educational games) isn’t ideal considering it is gradually being phased out in many major browsers (and has never been supported by iOS), there may be some issues.

While it certainly is rich in features, there are some areas that teachers may find it wanting. In particular it is unable to schedule tests or automate them and although the tests themselves are customizable in many ways, there are no built-in timers. Furthermore as it is focused on test preparation it does not tend to have content for subjects that aren’t tested on a state or national level.


USATestprep has a competitive pricing model that is typically half the price of their competitors. Its single site licenses that can be purchased by teachers using classroom funds give unlimited access to all students and teachers from the school, and there are discounts available when purchasing multiple tests, or subscribing for multiple years.


The comprehensive approach of USATestprep helps teachers to successfully act as an analyst, instructor, and facilitator in creating and executing a learning management strategy for their classroom and students. It takes advantage of current technology to provide a modern learning experience that integrates its innovative approach that is able to pinpoint and meet the personal learning needs of students.

Some improvements could be made to its interface, particularly to enhance the user experience and possibly make it a bit more intuitive. All in all however, it is an excellent platform that should help teachers prepare their students more effectively for state or national tests.

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