USC admissions got easier amid coronavirus uncertaintly

Mar 29, 2020 by

USC admission rates rose significantly for fall 2020 as the coronavirus outbreak deepens uncertainty over students’ college plans.

Getting into USC got easier this fall amid widespread uncertainty over how the coronavirus outbreak will affect the college plans of students and their families.

USC announced Friday that it increased its acceptance rate to 16% for fall 2020, offering admission to 9,535 freshmen this year — about 2,000 more than last year. That’s the university’s highest admission rate in three years — up from 11.4% last year — and the largest number of students to receive the thick red welcome folder in at least a decade.

But competition is still fierce. Accepted applicants had an average unweighted GPA of 3.88, with 38% of them achieving perfect grades. Their average SAT and ACT scores were in the 97th percentile. And, during high school, they took an average of seven to eight Advanced Placement courses, which follow a rigorous college-level curriculum.

Among admitted students, Asian Americans made up 30%, followed by whites at 26% Latinos at 15% and African Americans at 6%. About 17% would be the first in their families to attend college.

The University of California, whose nine undergraduate campuses began sending out acceptances in the last week, typically releases its admissions data in the summer for the upcoming fall term.

Many campuses are offering admission to more students this year to hedge against widespread uncertainty over how the coronavirus outbreak will affect their college decisions. Even Harvard bumped up its admission rate, to 4.92% for fall 2020, compared with 4.5% last year — the first increase in six years, according to the Harvard Crimson student newspaper.

Source: USC admissions got easier amid coronavirus uncertaintly – Los Angeles Times

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