Use This One Weird Trick – Code for ‘I’ and ‘H’ To Treat COVID

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“Use This One Weird Trick – Code for ‘I’ and ‘H’ To Treat COVID”

by Dr. Chris Martenson

From Donna Garner

[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  When I first started watching this presentation by Dr. Chris Martenson, I thought he was highly unusual and questionable. However, the longer I watched, the more I understood what he has been forced to do because of Big Tech’s algorithms and censorship mechanisms put in place by the public health hierarchy whose first and most driving goal is to make money.  In their minds, the cheap treatments for COVID must be censored.

Dr. Martenson has learned to use “code words” or tricky phrases (even tricky subject lines for his podcasts) which can eventually be understood by viewers while at the same time making sure the censors with their algorithms will not ban him on social media.  At one point in his presentation, he explains his strategy.  For instance, he has made up the word “Dwiziben” to refer to the controversial drug first promoted by Trump that starts with “H” which can no longer be mentioned without the podcast being censored.  

In this YouTube, Dr. Martenson demonstrates how foolish and “deadly” the treatments for COVID have been in the United States and in the UK compared to other countries around the world that have used inexpensive drugs such as Ivermectin (and “H”) very successfully to treat COVID.  

In a podcast that lasts a little over 27 minutes but is so highly stimulating that it is seems like 5 minutes, Dr. Martenson lays out the ever-growing medical science behind Ivermectin and associated meds/supplements. He presents the data from countries that have used this protocol and compares them to countries that have not. The stats speak for themselves:   



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