Use Your University Years Wisely: Best Ways to Make the Most of Your Education

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University is an incredible time in anyone’s life. It is the time that you truly grow and change from being a child into an adult. It is when you make new friends, learn, specialize, and gain the tools to help you succeed as adults. For those that truly make the most of their time at university, however, there is a whole wealth of opportunities waiting for you. Going the full stretch and truly working hard to not only learn and do the curriculum, but to work and learn outside of it is the best way to get a head start on adult life and can help propel you into success. Follow this guide to ensure that, no matter your goals or your dreams, you make the most of your university experience:

Before You Start

  1. Make Goals

A great way to ensure that you actually do accomplish everything that you set out to do is to set goals before you go. Don’t go overboard – you do need to be realistic with your time and your commitments. Take it slow. Do your research now, so that you know the appropriate steps to take to reach your goals, either personal or professional, by the time you graduate.

  1. Research What is Available

Another great step to take before you start university is, of course, to research what is available. From clubs, to societies, to even grants and internships specific to your course can all help you make the most of your year. Plus, if you need to undergo a few internships to land your dream job, doing them throughout your college years makes you more hirable from the day you graduate.

For When You Start

  1. Start Good Habits Now

The sooner you start curating good habits, the better. Starting university can be very hard, especially if your parents took great care of you growing up. That is why it is best to start healthy habits as soon as possible, so that you don’t end up malnourished, overweight, behind schedule and, otherwise, just lagging behind in terms of what you wanted to do. Be healthy, be happy, and you’ll be able to play hard and work hard.

  1. Join Societies, Clubs, and Volunteer

Though it is entirely possible to find your network of friends at university, either with who you live with or amongst your course mates, you should always try to expand outwards. Join societies, clubs, or even volunteer. Not only will this help you improve your resume, but it will also help you expand your horizons, make new friends, and enrich your university experience. Some societies require you to work hard before you can be accepted into them, like Honor Society, but the benefits are hugely rewarding, both for your time in university and your experiences once you graduate.

  1. Find Work or Work Experience

Having a university degree is sadly no longer enough to get a job right out of university. You need experience alongside your university degree, and getting this experience while you are still at university can mean all the difference in the job hunt after you graduate. Similarly, getting a job near your university or on campus can help give you a bit of extra money and can be great in terms of meeting people and making friends.

Balancing the Work/Life Balance

  1. Find Those with the Same Values as You

While university is the time to broaden your horizons, and that, of course, means befriending or at least talking to those with different viewpoints as you, you should try to find friends who have the same values as you. If you like to work hard, find friends who similarly like to work hard, so that instead of being at the library alone, it can be with a group, so you can socialize on your breaks. You don’t need to exclusively be friends with the same work ethic as you either. The point is to make time for your friends, regardless of whether you are in the library all day or out and about.

  1. Start Projects Together

Another great reason why societies, clubs, and volunteering are so great is because it allows you to work on a project with your friends. You also don’t have to worry about being graded – it is an open experience geared towards learning.

  1. Take a Break!

Friendships take a lot of work. That’s why, sometimes the best advice of all is to just take a break with one another. Go get lunch together and talk about everything that’s happened within your lives. Friendships can mean all the difference during stressful times in your life, and sharing that with someone who knows all too well with what you are experiencing can be a huge relief.

Tips for After You Graduate

  1. Network with Other Alumni

Connecting with alumni who have graduated before you can be a great way to find a job quickly. Similarly, these alumni can offer you excellent advice on how to proceed with your goals, and can make necessary introductions to help you make the next step on your path to success. You might find that there are career paths in your field that you have never thought of before as well. Stay in the know for alumni events, and join any groups where your peers meet together.

  1. Stay Connected with Your University

Your university will, typically, aim to help you throughout your post-graduate life. That is why you should continue to read circulated newsletters, and otherwise stay connected with university events. There are often mentoring programs and other assortment of services available for you to help you succeed. There are people there to help you, to get you the introductions, and to point you in the right direction.

One of the most crucial and often underpinned aspects of university is that your mental health, wellbeing, and happiness need to be looked after, just as carefully as you work towards your goals. Maintaining a healthy balance can be difficult, yes, but it can be done, and it is what will make these years some of the best years of your life.

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