As Usual Ted Cruz Gets Blamed for Nothing

Mar 12, 2016 by


“As Usual Ted Cruz Gets Blamed for Nothing”

By Donna Garner



By my doing a simple Internet search under “low-information voters,” I found many articles in which authors of various ilks have used this term in reference to Donald Trump.  However, as usual it is Ted Cruz who is getting vilified because he said in an interview recently, “Donald does well with voters who have relatively low information, who are not that engaged and who are angry and they see him as an angry voice. Where we are beating him is when voters get more engaged and they get more informed.” 


To be honest, I also have found that people who get more engaged and take the time to find out more about Donald Trump — his lascivious and immoral background, his desire for fame and fortune at all costs, his business misadventures, and his long-time leftist relationships —  have instead turned to Ted Cruz as their Presidential choice.


Be that as it may, I certainly do not believe Cruz should bear the public’s wrath for saying something that many other writers, pundits, and political analysts have been saying rather routinely throughout this campaign.  


Whether these people are right or wrong about the low-information voters is not the question. The problem is blaming Ted Cruz for nothing.


Here is just a small sampling of many others who have referred to the Trump and low-information voter phenomenon:


9.4.15 – “Turns out Trump’s Support Isn’t Just from Low-Information Voters After All” – by Ben Bullard – PersonalLiberty.com



12.29.15 – “Low-Info Voters Vs. High 2016 Expectations” – by Craig Andresen – The National Patriot


9.7.15 – “The Revenge of the Low-Information Voters” – by M. Catharine Evans – American Thinker


1.8.16 – “Yes, Donald Trump Will Implode. Here’s Why” – by David Roberts – Vox Policy & Politics


9.3.15 – “Donald Trump’s Hardcore Hater” – by Chris Moody, Alex Lee – CNN Politics


2.19.16 – “Nevada GOP Caucus Polls 2016: Donald Trump Has Large Lead” – by Jonathan Adams – Heavy.com


2.29.16 – “Low-Information Voters” – by Delphine – Daily Kos–Low-Information-Voters


8.17.15 – “Conservative Think Tank Says Trump Supporters Are Low Information Voters” – by John H. Roberts — Young Conservatives —


3.3.16 – “The Democratic Party, Donald Trump, & the 2016 Turnout Problem” – by Gaius Publius – Down with Tyranny



Donna Garner

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