VA’s Cuccinelli Has Resource To Fight Obamacare, but Turns A Blind Eye To VA’s Child Welfare

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Kandise Lucas, Ph.D. – Virginia’s Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli has been very busy since assuming his position in January 2010. Unfortunately, his office has been busy addressing issues based on how they benefit him politically as opposed to how these issues directly impact Virginians, specifically our children, personally.
Recently, a request was made by child and family advocates within the Commonwealth for his office to organize a task force that investigates and addresses the epidemic levels of abuse, neglect, and misconduct that are rampant throughout Virginia’s schools by school district employees. In addition, it was requested that his office take action to hold the Virginia Department of Education accountable for refusing to enforce its own policies of revoking the licenses of educators; whether they be classroom educators, school board members, or district superintendents, for failing to report child abuse, neglect, and misconduct, which is a violation of both, state and federal Mandated Reporter Laws.
Initially, during Cuccinelli’s campaign, Noah Rogers, one of his staffers, was more than willing to discuss the proposed effort to rid Virginia’s public schools of criminals as well as those that protect and defend them. However, within the past year, following Cuccinelli’s election, the proposal was passed off to his Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs, Audrey D. Jackson.
Immediately after the proposal was forwarded to her, without knowing any of the facts or discussing the multiple cases of life-long criminals, (drug abusers, violent criminals, child molesters, embezzlers, etc.), being in our classrooms with children, Ms. Jackson responded, in a December 8, 2010 email, “I am not sure what we will be able to do, considering we counsel the Department of Education as a function of our office.”
Following her December 2010 email, several documents were emailed to Ms. Jackson, including criminal records and mug shots, as well as recorded incidents of child abuse, neglect, and educator misconduct on district letter head by school officials. Jackson was even provided with a model partnership task force that is presently active in the state of Connecticut between their Attorney General’s Office and their Child Advocate Office ( . After several months of email and phone communications, contact was finally made with Ms. Jackson in July 2011.
During a telephone conversation with her, she advised that Attorney General Cuccinelli’s office did not have the human or the financial resources to address the epidemic outbreak of criminals gravitating to the classrooms of our schools; exploiting, abusing, and neglecting our children; many of whom are children of color, children with disabilities, and children that are in economically disadvantaged communities; as a result, they may not have a voice. It was also noted by Governor McDonnell’s office that the legislation proposed to develop a Child Advocate Office within Virginia to address the needs of our children had been rejected by the General Assembly several times.
Ms. Jackson was advised of the failure of many of Virginia’s superintendents to report child abuse, neglect, and misconduct by district employees to either The Virginia Department of Education or Child Protective Services. Instead, many districts have an “unspoken” protocol of permitting school employees that have been found to have engaged in misconduct, abuse, and neglect to resign and go to another district, where they repeat the cycles of abuse and misconduct against our children for decades within a system of leaders that not only protect them, but defend and excuse them when they should be protecting and defending our children’s innocence, minds, bodies, and spirits. Furthermore, when Jackson was advised of the “code of silence” that exists within many school districts, where educators are retaliated against, threatened, and even terminated if they report misconduct by another district employee, she could offer no solution or support for the educators that complied with state and federal Mandated Reporter Laws, and as a result, were penalized by those that practice violating it.
Ms. Jackson also advised, to the dismay of many parents and advocates, that Attorney General Cuccinelli’s office had no authority to enforce policies and laws that that protect our children in school when those policies and laws are being violated by the Virginia Department of Education as well as superintendents, social services, Commonwealth Attorneys, and local law enforcement officials. She went on to comment on how several attorneys have been laid off within the office as well, and that it was not the role of the Attorney General’s office to address matters such as as child abuse, neglect, and educator misconduct within our public schools.
Ms. Jackson’s response is in direct contradiction to Attorney General Cuccinelli’s claims on his office’s website, which state, “As Attorney General, it is my responsibility to protect the safety and public welfare of our citizens.” It appears as though children of color, children with disabilities, and children from economically disadvantaged communities are not considered to be “citizens” that come under the responsibility of Mr. Cuccinelli to protect and ensure their welfare.
In their mission statement, Cuccinelli also states that, “as Virginia’s law firm, the Office of the Attorney General is dedicated to seeing to it that justice is served, wisdom is sought, and the right course of action is taken.” Once again, evidently, the disabled, poor, and children of color within the Commonwealth are not entitled to “justice,” have no need for “wisdom,” and do not deserve that “the right course of action is taken” for them.
While Ms. Jackson claims that Virginia’s Attorney General’s Office has neither the financial nor the human resources to combat the neglect, abuse, and misconduct that is destroying the lives of our most vulnerable citizens of the Commonwealth in what should be one of the safest places on earth for them, our schools; there is not doubt that this office does have the financial and human resources to fully carry out the political agenda of Mr. Cuccinelli as he takes our Commonwealth’s resources and redirects them to toward fighting Obamacare in Commonwealth of Virginia v. Sebelius, supporting Arizona’s “Papers Please” anti-immigration statutes by joining eight other states in filing an amicus brief, issuing opinions regarding Gay Rights, seeking a judicial review of the EPA’s Federal Court finding, challenging the Clean Air Act proposed by President Obama, and even serving a civil investigative demand on the University of Virginia in order to obtain documents from climate researcher Michael E. Mann. The Attorney General clearly is concerned about the “little things” in our Commonwealth or else he would not have altered an age old version of Virginia’s state seal that exposed the breast of the Roman goddess that is depicted on the seal.
All of these actions were taken within the first six months of Cuccinelli’s tenure as Attorney General. Some how, Virginia’s abused, neglected, and exploited students in classrooms throughout this Commonwealth were overlooked and continue to be ignored by his office.
Cuccinelli is not alone in his failure, as a public official, to protect and defend the weakest among us. There are numerous Virginia State Senators, Delegates, Board of Supervisors, Commonwealth Attorneys, etc, of every political persuasion, that have turned a blind and and deaf ear to the atrocities that are going on in their own backyard, but do not hesitate to address the human and civil rights violations that garner them political and media popularity as they focus on their own self-centered ambitions. One Henrico County Public School board member was even quoted as having said that they could not act to protect children because if they went against the majority and did the right thing, they would be committing “political suicide.” Evidently, this individual, along with Mr. Cuccinelli, and the countless other indifferent elected officials opt to commit “juvenile genocide” in order to protect their political livelihoods.
One wonders if any one of Mr. Cuccinelli’s seven children had been a victim of abuse, neglect, and misconduct within the classroom, by a school employee, if Ms. Jackson and the Virginia Attorney General’s Office, as a whole, would have the same response…..see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil because these are not my children.
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