Vegas School Board to buck parents on expanding sex ed

Nov 6, 2015 by

Despite loud opposition from a group of parents, the Clark County School Board voted Thursday night to consider expanding middle and high school sex education to include topics like sexual orientation and gender identity.

It was the culmination of a second rowdy public meeting on the district’s sex ed curriculum at Las Vegas Academy. The first, held in late September, saw a spirited defense of the state’s current opt-in law by a group of parents, many of whom live in the county’s rural communities.

But last night marked a win for the other side, a group of current and former CCSD students flanked by Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada, who have called for the district’s sex ed curriculum to be updated.

School Board trustees voted unanimously to have Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky and CCSD administrators review ways to include topics like sexual orientation, gender identity and gender stereotypes in current sex ed curriculum for middle and high schoolers.

“I understand there are sensitivities for different groups of my constituents, but no student should feel as though they are not valid,” said Trustee Chris Garvey.

Source: School Board signals it is willing to buck parents on expanding sex ed – Las Vegas Sun News

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