Veteran runner witnessing ‘trans-athletes’ destroy female competition

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The head of a Christian athletic association says allowing a male athlete at the University of Montana to compete in women’s cross country will be a “game-changer” in the ongoing trans-athlete controversy.

Jonathan Eastwood (pictured far right) competed as a male in cross country for the last three years, often earning the best times on his team, but he will compete as a female named “June” Eastwood in the upcoming season.

Because of Eastwood’s excellent times, Steve McConkey of 4 WINDS Christian Athletics predicts the male runner will eventually qualify for the Olympics and bring home a gold medal.

“The women that I’ve been talking to — the former top, world-class athletes –are saying this is a game changer,” he tells OneNewsNow, “and that this is very unfair and that this is the end of women’s sports as we know it.”


Although that may sound like hyperbole to some, OneNewsNow and other media outlets have documented the impact on women and girls, from the prestigious Boston Marathon, which gives biological women a half-hour on qualifying times, to track finals in Connecticut, where female runners filed a Title IX complaint with the U.S. Dept. of Education.

With LGBT activists and their allies ready to pounce with accusations of “transphobia,” Eastwood and other transgender athletes are enjoying sympathy from school officials and the media, such as a Bozeman Daily Chronicle story that calls the runner a “trailblazer” in a glowing story about his transition.

"Mary" Gregory, weightlifterNowhere in the 1,800-word story is there any pushback about a record-setting runner blazing past females in cross-country meets.

“There will be mistakes made and lessons learned,” the University of Montana’s track and field coach says in the story, “but those lessons will be fantastic.”

McConkey, who is himself a runner and longtime track and field coach, predicts women’s sports will be ruined soon if something is not done to stop the liberal trans-athlete rules. But he tells OneNewsNow that those in leadership positions, such as the NCAA, are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their jobs by angering LGBT activists.

NCAA rules don’t require verification of testosterone suppression, for example, and trans-athletes merely have to state they been on a suppression regimen for one year.

Transgender athlete Terry MillerAccording to the Bozeman story, Eastwood is in “full compliance” with NCAA rules because he says he is taking the required pills for 12 months.

Eastwood told the newspaper the pills are hurting his performance by reducing his muscle mass and slowing his time.

Source: Veteran runner witnessing ‘trans-athletes’ destroy female competition

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