Victoria’s multicultural campaign is inherently flawed

Feb 28, 2017 by

Kevin Donnelly –

The Victorian government’s recently launched multicultural campaign, titled “Victorian. And proud of it”, designed to make the state “a stronger, safer and more harmonious community”, is inherently flawed and counterproductive.

On one hand Premier Daniel Andrews argues “everyone should have the freedom to be themselves” and that we should “celebrate the things that make us different”. On the other hand he also argues “there is one law for all” and we should “never tolerate the things that divide us”.


Premier Daniel Andrews: "Everyone should have the freedom to be themselves."Premier Daniel Andrews: “Everyone should have the freedom to be themselves.” Photo: Joe Armao

The contradiction is that it is impossible to celebrate diversity and difference while at the same time asking all to commit to a common set of beliefs and values.

Some cultural practices are unacceptable. Extreme examples include child brides, female circumcision, treating women as second rate and advocating a theocracy, as does Islam in countries like Iran, where there is no division between religion and the state.

As argued by the ALP federal politician Chris Bowen, when immigration minister, if there is any conflict between imported values and our way of life then “traditional Australian values win out”.

While some argue it is impossible to identify Australian values, the reality is that we are a Western liberal democracy and our beliefs and institutions are a unique product of Western civilisation.

Source: Victoria’s multicultural campaign is inherently flawed

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