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“Glorious News: Gov. Abbott Signed SB 22 into Law Today – Planned Parenthood To Lose Even More Influence and Funding”

From Donna Garner


[6.7.19 –Glorious news!  Gov. Abbott signed SB 22 into law today. SB 22 goes into effect on 9.1.19.  

Hopefully SB 22 will also help to put Planned Parenthood out of business in Texas by not allowing public schools to purchase Planned Parenthood’s disastrous sex education curriculum: 5.22.19 –“State bill banning business with Planned Parenthood could upend Austin schools’ sex ed curriculum” — By Melissa B. Taboada  —– Donna Garner]


“Great News for Texas – Planned Parenthood To Lose Even More Influence and Funding”

By Donna Garner


[COMMENTS BY DONNA GARNER:  With one more vote in the Texas House and one more vote in the Republican-controlled Senate, clinics such as Planned Parenthood will lose even more of their influence and funding in Texas.  SB 22 prevents any government entity from transferring even a penny of our taxpayers’ dollars or even a transfer of goods or services or any transactions to an entity that provides abortions.  PERIOD!  Happily, this would negatively impact Planned Parenthood the most. 

I long for the day when Planned Parenthoods’ facilities (such as the brand new Planned Parenthood facility in Waco) will stand vacant; and women who need inexpensive care will be going to Texas-run clinics that have certified healthcare specialists who offer mammograms, fact-based STD information, comprehensive healthcare, birth control, pregnancy tests, counseling, health screenings and treatment for hypertension/ diabetes/cholesterol, and prenatal care.]


5.17.19 — “Texas House advances bill banning cities from partnering with Planned Parenthood on any services” – by Arya Sundaram – Texas Tribune —

Excerpts from this article:

Texas and its local governments would no longer be able to partner with abortion providers or their affiliates — even for services like sexual health education and pregnancy prevention initiatives — under a bill the Texas House passed in a preliminary vote late Friday after hours of emotional debate.

Senate Bill 22, which critics call the biggest threat to Planned Parenthood this legislative session, would forbid a government entity from transferring money to an abortion provider, even for services not related to the procedure. It would also bar a transfer of goods or services and any transactions that offers the provider “something of value derived from state or local tax revenue.” Abortion rights advocates fear that the bill could even prohibit privately funded programs held on government property, like pop-up sexual health education booths at community colleges.

The controversial bill dominated the lower chamber’s agenda Friday for more than seven hours and tentatively passed in an 81 to 65 vote.

“This is a taxpayer protection bill,” said RepCandy Noble, R-Allen. “Taxpayers who oppose abortion should not have to see their tax dollars subsidizing the abortion industry.”

The bill needs one more vote in the lower chamber before it heads back to the Republican-controlled Senate.

State Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, added an amendment that clarifies the bill would not restrict a city or county from banning abortions.

If the upper chamber agrees with that change, the bill will then head to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk.

The bill would also apply to an affiliate of an abortion provider, so no Planned Parenthood clinic could partner with a local government — even clinics that don’t provide abortions. That would include programs like one in Dallas County where Planned Parenthood staffers have provided sexual health education, including information on how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, at juvenile detention centers.

The state has slashed much of its funding for abortion providers in the last decade — but SB 22 would also cut local funding.

Some abortion opponents argue that even when no money is exchanged, local partnerships with abortion providers offer the clinics a “free advertisement” and “free customer base.”

Bill supporters have singled out a key target of SB 22: Planned Parenthood’s $1-per-year lease for its East Austin clinic, which abortion opponents have railed against as a “sweetheart rent deal” with the city.

“By even giving them $5 for a non-controversial service, the state is endorsing what they do,” said John Seago, legislative director for Texas Right to Life, an anti-abortion group in support of the bill.

As the Texas legislature has rolled back funding for abortion providers, lawmakers have boosted funding for state-run programs like Healthy Texas Women, which provides free or low-cost family planning services. Bill supporters hope to divert women away from abortions clinics and their affiliates and instead direct them toward these state-run alternatives…


5.17.17 – “Texas House Approves Bill To Cut off Cities’ Contracts with Abortion Providers” – by W. Gardner Selby and Rebekah Allen – Dallas Morning News —

Excerpts from this article:

The legislation ranks among three abortion-related bills that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick listed in his 30 legislative session priorities in March. The other bills remain in motion with the session’s May 27 end in sight. One would subject a physician who fails to treat an infant born alive after an abortion to a six-figure fine and possible imprisonment. The other would tighten the requirement that women seeking abortions be given information prepared by the state. 

Lucas Republican Rep. Candy Noble, the House’s lead author of the bill, urged colleagues to see the bill as a taxpayer protection act.

“Abortion is not health care,” Noble said, “but instead it’s the intentional destruction of innocent human life.”

The bill would also ban “pop up” clinics on community college campuses that provide access to birth control and health screenings; preventive health care appointments for women, such as cervical cancer screenings offered through county websites and initiatives; and distributions of free condoms by any city or county health department.

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  1. Catherine Clarke

    Thanks be to God! I am so grateful the Texas Government has cut ties with Planned Parenthood. I hope that this will be forever. May God help this remain in place and hopefully abortions will eventually be gone. I know that this does not touch per say abortion. Still, I am hopeful.

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