VIDEO: Ted Cruz Takes on Katie Couric

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“VIDEO:  Ted Cruz Takes on Katie Couric”

By Donna Garner



Ted Cruz, the master of debate because he does not have to “test the wind” to decide how he feels about an issue, completely upstaged Katie Couric when he was interviewed after the devastating Supreme Court decisions last week.  Time after time Couric tried to control the direction of the interview, and time after time Ted Cruz did not allow her to drive the narrative her way.  


This is a fascinating interview to watch because it demonstrates how a committed conservative can stand up to a committed liberal and win the day.


“America, we can put Ted Cruz in the White House if we will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him to take America back. We can once again return our nation to its former greatness as the City Upon a Hill.”





ACTION STEP:  My husband and I live on a very limited retirement income; but if all of us will (1) put our $25 donations together to send to, (2) tell our friends and neighbors about him, and (3) vote for Cruz in every Presidential poll that comes our way, we CAN make sure that Ted Cruz gets the opportunity to participate in the national debates.  It is these debates that will help us put Ted Cruz, a committed, authentic conservative, in the White House.


This quote from Ted Cruz should give all of us hope: “President Obama is fond of saying he has a pen and he has a phone…Well, live by the pen and die by the pen. Every illegal executive action that he puts in place can be undone in an instant by the next President through the same mechanism.” (Breitbart, 4.1.15) 



Donna Garner

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