Virginia Mandates Slavery and Racism Lessons for Kindergartners, Teachers Mission Includes Social Justice

Jul 20, 2020 by

Wait, what?

Kindergarten students in Virginia will start learning about slavery and “institutional racism” starting in kindergarten in the upcoming school year, according to new guidelines releases by the Loudoun County school board.

This addition is nothing more nothing less than an attempt to start brainwashing children and turning them into Democrat voters as young and as early as possible.

The district, in the nation’s wealthiest county in the country is adding “social justice” to the job description of teachers who should be focusing on teaching reading, writing and arithmetic instead of this politically driven nonsense.

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

Virginia kindergarten students will learn about institutional racism alongside the alphabet, according to a new curriculum created for the upcoming school year.

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Loudoun County is adding “social justice” to the mission of teaching elementary school students reading, writing, and arithmetic. The Washington, D.C., suburb—the richest county in the country—has teamed up with the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) education arm Teaching Tolerance to develop its new curriculum. The proposed lesson plan will restructure history and social studies classes to emphasize slavery as fundamental to American society for students from kindergarten to the fifth grade.

“Sugarcoating or ignoring slavery until later grades makes students more upset by or even resistant to true stories about American history,” the curriculum reads. “Long before we teach algebra, we teach its component parts. We should structure history instruction the same way.”

Not every Loudoun County educator is on board with the administration’s direction. A longtime elementary school teacher, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution, said that the school system had always taught students about the reality of slavery—lessons that typically begin in the fourth grade. She said the administrative focus to push racial politics on students who do not yet know how to read is motivated by politics, rather than education. (Read more)

The public education system in America is completely broken and more and more parents should choose to opt out, especially given the fact that so many districts are choosing not to open in the fall.

When teachers start refusing to come back to work until a laundry list of social justice issues are addressed, like in Los Angeles, and North Carolina, shows how little they really care about the kids.

Teachers unions are the enemy of the American child, and until those unions are crushed completely and their power is destroyed parents are much better off sending their kids to private school, or homeschooling them.

Source: Virginia Mandates Slavery and Racism Lessons for Kindergartners, Teachers Mission Includes Social Justice

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