Visual Learning: Math Stairs

Feb 17, 2016 by

math stairs

Teachers are always looking for creative ways to help their students learn. At Alcova Elementary School in Georgia, administrators challenged themselves to help kids learn beyond the classroom and they came up with a unique idea: math stairs.

With the help of an education consultant, Alcova administrators created the idea for math stairs, putting multiplication tables on the school staircase. Tech support technician Henry Hitchcock contacted his local UPS Store to help custom fit, design and install the math stairs.

So far, the math stairs have been successful:

  • Students walk up and down the stairs multiple times a day and learn from repetition.
  • Students have fun with the math stairs, quizzing each other after reaching the top of the stairs.
  • The school is already exploring how to switch out the posters with other educational content, like math vocabulary.

If you’d like to learn more about the Alcova Elementary math stairs or the UPS Store franchisee who constructed the math stair template, please visit

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