Waiting for college decisions? In Lynwood, 381 admissions are offered in a day

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As the waiting period for college admission decisions begins, Lynwood students celebrate 381 instant admissions and millions in scholarship offers in one day.

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Kameron Pryor, a senior at Firebaugh High School in Lynwood, wanted to go to college but figured his grades wouldn’t get him very far, at least in California. His 2.47 GPA is below the average at the University of California and California State University.

But Wiley College, a four-year, historically black liberal arts institution in Texas, showered him with assurances during a visit to his high school last week. All you need is a 2.0 GPA and high school diploma or equivalent, campus admissions counselor Olivia Johnston told him. And if you can nudge up your GPA to a 2.5, she added, you can apply for a scholarship.

“Hee haw!” the elated Kameron said, trying out a Texas twang.

“You got the campus spirit already!” Johnston replied with a grin.

As high school seniors across the country enter the dreaded waiting period for college admissions decisions, this was a day of acceptance and affirmation for many low-income students who had struggled in high school. In a one-day visit to two high schools in the Lynwood Unified School District, Wiley and two dozen other historically black colleges and universities offered students 381 on-the-spot admissions and $5.8 million in scholarship awards.

Source: Waiting for college decisions? In Lynwood, 381 admissions are offered in a day – Los Angeles Times

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