Waiting for the next Microaggression

Mar 19, 2018 by

The Fractured But Whole – PC Principal Microaggression

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

Well, it is Monday, and strange things happen on a Monday- for whatever reason- and upon opening my e-mail I encountered the stuff below- Some college has indicated that when a person sneezes, and another caring individual says ” God Bless you” This is apparently a microagression. Well, I am not sure if this basic caring social courtesy is a microagression- but I guess to an atheist, it could be construed as a microaggression.  I believe in some cultures—they say ” Salud” which as I understand means ” Health”. But the issue here is simple social norms and courtesy- when someone sneezes, I don’t demand that they go to the emergency room or the local doctor’s office. I realize it could be hay fever or allergies or something of that sort ( I am not an M.D.- so I don’t know what a Medical Doctor says when a patient sneezes in their office.

But I worry.

I am very worried that at some point, when I announce that there will be a test, a quiz or an exam- that this is going to be seen as (gasp!) a microaggression!  Heavens forbid! ( uh oh- I wonder if that is a microagression- since I cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that heaven exists !)   I guess I will have to say something like ” there will be an informal, friendly courteous evaluation of your learning in this class, and apologize for any inconvenience.

But I still worry.

Kind of like the characters in Waiting for Godot.  I worry and wonder about what will be the next “microaggression” ( and what may happen if I say- something untoward- that could be misinterpreted as a ( gasp) Microaggression.   ( I worry if there is a capital Microagression and a small microagression. We shall see.

But I still worry.


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