Wake County students urged to use 3 W’s when schools reopen

Oct 26, 2020 by

Wake County Superintendent Cathy Moore says parents need to promote the 3 W’s to their children to help keep schools safe.

Wake County elementary students will return to classrooms Monday for face-to-face instruction far different than before schools closed in March.

Students will wear masks and have their temperatures checked every day to see if they might have COVID-19. Students will wash their hands frequently, may eat lunch in their classrooms and sit apart from each other to avoid physical contact.

“We’re really excited, a little bit of anticipation, a little bit of anxiety about our students returning to school next Monday,” Wake County Superintendent Cathy Moore said at a news conference Friday at Hortons Creek Elementary School in Cary.

Parents can help get their children comfortable for this new school environment by promoting the 3Ws of wearing a face covering, waiting at least 6 feet apart and washing their hands regularly, she said.

“Let them know that wearing a mask is a way that we show our friends, our staff, our teachers that we care about them, that we care about ourselves and that we’re happy to be back in school and want to stay there,” Moore said.

Source: Wake County students urged to use 3 W’s when schools reopen | Raleigh News & Observer

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