Want your kids to do better at school? Then get involved

Jan 2, 2020 by

By Lauren Pilat –

Students perform better and achieve greater outcomes when their parents and carers are involved with their learning and the wider school community, according to education and child experts.

More emphasis needs to be placed on improving parent engagement at schools to not only benefit their own child but the entire school, says University of WA associate professor Glenn Savage.

“Globally, there is a wealth of research suggesting that enhancing parent engagement in schools will lead to a wide range of benefits, ranging from improved student engagement and performance, through to making schools more receptive to community wants and needs,” he said.

“However, research also shows that parents in disadvantaged schools are often the hardest to engage in school processes and there are many reasons for this.”

Source: Want your kids to do better at school? Then get involved, WA experts say

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