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By Donna Garner –


This e-mail contains three pieces of important information that need to be considered before the Texas Republican Convention meets this week. (1) Lela Pittenger’s support of Ron Paul (2) Plan by Ron Paul supporters to disrupt the Texas Republican Convention (sent to me by a trusted source) (3) Silent protest against Joe Straus’ plan to make himself look like a pro-lifer (sent to me today)




The first piece is about Lela Pittenger who may be up for consideration at the Convention for higher office in the Republican Party.


Please go to this video link (marker 6:53) to hear Lela Pittenger say in her own words that she is a strong supporter of Ron Paul and believes he is pro-life.





Ron Paul was one of only seven Republicans who voted against the House bill on May 31, 2012 that would have made it illegal for doctors to perform abortions based solely on the gender of the unborn baby. Unborn females are more likely to be selected for sex-selected abortions.


In a nation that according to Gallup now indicates that a majority of Americans call themselves pro-life, Ron Paul is completely out of step. By Lela Pittenger openly supporting Ron Paul and believing erroneously that he is pro-life, she is demonstrating her lack of judgment and discernment.


I also disagree with Lela’s answer on marijuana – starting at marker 16:15 —http://blog.briangallimore.com/2012/05/lela-pittenger-reaching-the-next-generation/


I believe Pittenger is trying to manipulate people’s thinking by downplaying the dangers of marijuana, the gateway drug that statistics show often leads young people into other risky behaviors (e.g., teen sexual activities and STD’s, alcoholism, cocaine use, etc.).


Again, Pittenger’s own words demonstrate that she believes in Ron Paul’s agenda of trying to legalize marijuana.


Because she is young, energetic, and an able and convincing speaker, I am very concerned about Lela’s influence at the Texas Republican Convention. To my way of thinking, she is a counterfeit who is dressing herself up as the “real thing” to fool people and to lure them over to support Ron Paul’s agenda which also supports Iran and its “right” to have nuclear weapons to use against its sworn enemies – Israel and America. Ron Paul is a dangerous man and those who support his agenda are also dangerous to the future of our nation and the entire world.


Some who have listened carefully to Lela Pittenger’s rhetoric are calling her the “Blonde Debra Medina.” I for one do not want a Blonde Debra Medina making decisions at the national level for the Republican Party.





UPDATED: BEWARE all Texas GOP Delegates & Alternates!


(KEEP it GOING… we need to inform the ENTIRE Texas Delegation)



Many Texas Delegates & Alternates received an e-mail (at the bottom) last Friday afternoon from the “Collin County Conservative Coalition (CCCTX)” and we ALL need to be on the alert – ALL across TEXAS! There is a very organized effort to TAKE OVER the RPT CONVENTION in FT. WORTH next week and therefore, TAKE OVER THE ENTIRE PARTY, elections, leadership, etc. This is NOT just a group of conservative organizers… Their agenda is (among other items) to FOOL YOU into picking National Delegates / Alternates that will support their candidate: RON PAUL!


There are likely similar organizations cropping up all over the state as well – and you may or may not be approached by one of them… but make no mistake, there is an organized effort to obtain as many national delegates for RP as possible from our state convention – and EVERY Congressional District will have candidates that are loyal to Ron Paul and the Libertarian party. They will also attempt to unseat our Chairman, officers, committee man / woman, SREC, etc.


Their group may sound good on the surface, but things are not as they seem. They are hoping that by using key words like “pro-life, pro-liberty & pro-constitution” that you will let your guard down and listen to them as fellow “conservatives”. They also want to discredit our GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, and substitute their candidate, Ron Paul, so HE can be the GOP Nominee, despite how America has already voted. As you know, Texas’ primary vote gave Romney the final number of delegates needed to secure the nomination.


YOU are a KEY par of their plan! They are banking on YOU listening to them – and then voting for THEIR candidates for National Delegate and Alternate as well as other elected positions. They simply don’t care about the Republican Party – they are solely focused on getting their candidates in and all others out.


This is NOT a joke, unfortunately. They are prepared to fight tooth-and-nail to take Texas (and California) and overturn the GOP. (see videos below) We have the top two caches of delegates to the national convention – so we are their “treasure trove”. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

You may not have noticed, but just this week, Ron Paul voted AGAINST a ban on abortions due to the sex of the baby… This is coming from a man who claims to be more pro-life than any other candidate. Really??? click HERE to see the record vote.


To be fair, Ron Paul has made some good points. So have many of the other Presidential candidates. But in the end, America has spoken. Mitt Romney may not have been your candidate, but because he has legitimately won the most delegates through the primaries and caucuses AND he is our best hope to win the White House in November. That is where the REAL battle should be. Instead, we just have a sore loser that won’t let go, nor will his supporters.


However, the biggest problem with Ron Paul is that he is NOT America’s choice, yet he’s still trying to take the nomination out of the hands of the people AND put it solely into the hands of ROGUE National Delegates in Tampa.


Not all of the people who support Ron Paul are this militant – however, here we have a group that is extremely organized, willing to mislead people, lie to nominations committees, cause chaos, act disrespectfully at conventions – and disregard the process just to get their way. They say they are constitutionalists – but they continually disregard the American people in favor of their own agenda. Did they forget that the Constitution starts out with, “We the People”?


Bottom line, as TRUE REPUBLICANS (not Libertarians who are posing as Republicans), we do not need their help when it comes to choosing the National Delegates / Alternates – as well as the other elected positions. We can make up our OWN minds. If we want to interview the candidates, we can do that on our own. If you will notice in the Collin County example below, they have even co-mingled some Ron Paul supporters amongst the known Republicans on their “candidate list for those running for National Delegate”. We’re not here to tell you WHO to vote for – just to beware that you are a target (or more specifically your VOTE is the target). We should NOT pick our delegates based solely on the fact that someone is a good public servant, veteran or have a background in any other worthy profession. We need TRUE REPUBLICANS who have devoted their time and energy into making the Republican Party better and advancing our platform.


Most importantly, as a Delegate or Alternate to the Texas State Convention, it is important that we really KNOW who we are sending to Tampa to represent us. There are several TRUE Republicans who have already announced that they are running and their body of work is evident. However, we should BEWARE of ANYONE that cannot show what they have done for our party. Being selected as a National Delegate or Alternate is not only an enormous honor for the individual, it is a responsibility to REPRESENT US. We need to get references and do our homework. We can’t depend on others to “help” make our decision. They just want us to join their little revolution.


It’s absurd – and it boils down to a bunch of babies throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the shopping mall. Good grief, if they really want to be heard and respected, they should grow up and learn the rules on the playground. No wonder everyone laughs and points at them – they are making complete fools of themselves and it’s hurting the conservative cause as a whole.


Take a look at these videos and articles from RECENT state conventions:


Arizona: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O46x0F_-8AI&feature=youtu.be

Alaska: http://www.alaskadispatch.com/article/ron-paul-supporters-take-over-alaska-republican-party

Nevada: http://orrinjohnson.com/blog/2012/04/25/lie-cheat-and-steal-its-the-ron-paul-way/

Oklahoma: http://www.examiner.com/article/gop-establishment-makes-a-mockery-of-the-democratic-process-oklahoma





Video of the rump convention in the parking lot:



This video was “privatized” after this was first exposed last week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=sI1aZ-e1cV4


They have already challenged the Oklahoma Convention: http://www.dailypaul.com/235541/ron-paul-supporters-submit-challenge-to-oklahoma-gop-state-convention


In each of these cases, delegates (who did not share the Victory strategy of uniting behind the GOP nominee unless it was the one of their choice) caused many problems at these conventions by disruptive behavior, such as shouting, refusing to yield the floor, calling erroneously for points of order, etc. We can expect the same here in Texas.


Their ultimate goal was to elect their slate of delegates to the national convention where further mischief will probably occur. They are able to successfully take over some of these conventions simply by out-shouting or outlasting the traditional Republicans who were there as delegates, usually in greater numbers than the mischief makers (MMs), but who finally gave up in exasperation and left to tend to family or other personal matters. Thus those who have their own agenda are able to pass that agenda, electing their delegates to the national convention (who do NOT represent the primary vote as cast in those states) while there was still a quorum present.


*MM means “Mischief Makers.” TR means “Traditional Republicans.”


How can we prevent this from happening here in Texas? There are several key actions:


Traditional Republicans (TRs), no matter if you supported Gingrich, Santorum, Perry, Romney, etc., who have been selected as delegates or alternates MUST attend the entire convention and stay until it is adjourned on Saturday NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES!


TR alternates most likely will be seated at some point so they should plan to stay for the duration. Their votes can make the difference in a close election for delegates!


TRs MUST be present for every vote and expect several roll call votes which are designed to kill time and exasperate us into leaving early. The first caucuses are Senate District caucuses and while they are important, the Congressional District caucuses are where the delegate action will be. A convention agenda may be found here:http://convention.texasgop.org/tentative-agenda


4) The first important vote wil be for the Permanent Chairman – which we have been told will happen on Thursday morning.

Also, at the CD caucuses, the National Nominations Committee member from each CD will be elected early on. This Committee member will be among the 36 such members who will select the 44 at-large national delegates. THIS IS A VERY CRITICAL ELECTION! This person should be someone known to you who has pledged to support in the Committee meeting, a person with a proven track record of conservative activism for the Republican Party.

In fact, the CD caucus can choose someone whom they instruct the Committee member to support, and he/she is bound to do so for at least one round of voting in the Committee. It is important to ask the candidates for this Committee member who they plan to support and for how long in the National Nominations Committee. Then vote for the candidates accordingly.


5) Other very important votes come on Saturday. The first one is at 8 a.m. when the caucus will elect the national delegates and alternates, three of each. TRs should be prepared NOT to run against one another in this caucus and stay unified. Additionally, we have just recently become aware that the Ron Paul supporters’ strategy is completely flawed… being that anyone that is elected from their Congressional Caucus will be pledged to MITT ROMNEY for the first vote, no matter what their personal convictions are!

You can see this based on the “delegate count” at the bottom of THIS REPORT. Each Congressional District clearly shows how many delegates will be awarded to each Presidential Candidate… you can see the whole report by clicking HERE.

Look where it says “Delegates” where all of the ZERO totals are… and that it says 3 per Congressional District for Mitt Romney.

Those elected are proportionately reported at the national convention to represent the primary presidential vote on the first ballot. However, they are unbound on the second ballot, which is where the danger lurks if no nominee is picked on the first ballot. (And that indeed appears to be the MMs strategy since they have elected MM delegates in many states who do NOT represent the vote that was cast in the presidential primary within that state.) In other words, they have elected many rogue delegates. However, the way Texas’ rules are written, their strategy falls apart for the first vote – and it will likely be over based on how many delegates Mitt Romney already has.


6) It is important during this election process to ask each candidate for national delegate or alternate who they will be supporting on any subsequent ballots.


We know that in some states, the MMs have been instructed to lie, in order to achieve delegate status. So perhaps TRs should make some discreet inquiries prior to this caucus as to who is interested in running for national delegate and support only those who will be helping to unify rather than to divide the GOP at the national convention.


7) Please see RPT Rule 38 for nominating procedures.


8) If you do not feel that the caucus is being run correctly (for instance if the chairman is being overrun by the MMs), then you should raise a point of order and request that the chairman remove the disruptive delegates. That may or may not be done, but you can also put it into the form of a motion for the caucus to vote on and if it passes, then the chairman must do so, using the sgts. at arms if necessary and then seating alternates in the places of the removed delegates.


9) The last important vote will be late in the day on Saturday, during the final general session. Be sure to stay for this vote and until the convention closes – no matter how late it gets.

It is here that the National Nominations Committee will make its report, which must be voted upon by the delegates in the general session. If many of the TRs have gone home, then the MMs may well control the convention at this point and if they vote the Committee report down, it must be sent back to the Committee and re-submitted to the delegates until it is passed. There will be no substituting of names. It is an up or down vote and its passage will be determined by how many people remain at that point.

They already know this – but they are counting on you NOT being aware of the procedures and leaving. DO NOT leave! WE all have a DUTY to stay.


10) Have a plan to work within your CD to inform others and convince them to coalesce with you to stand your ground for the TR principles and candidates. Remember that there are four very important elections in your CD: the member of the National Nominations Committee, and the three National Delegates. The alternates are also important, but less so than the Delegates. Find out in advance from the RPT who the delegate/alternates are in your CD and contact them. The number of delegates will determine how many votes are needed to elect a Committee member or a delegate 50% plus 1.


Here are some of the things they [the Paulbots] are saying about the GOP, the process, and YOU:

“This is a numbers game. If more of Dr. Paul’s supporters turn out than any other candidate’s delegates, we control them. If more of our people show up, we take over the state convention, we change the rules, and we take over the Republican Party. Turnout is key. We vote as a block and never deviate from the voting instructions dispensed by our command center. On every vote, we vote together. We will be informing you via text message on how you need to vote on every vote that comes up. If you have not sent us your cell phone number you will have with you on Saturday, please do so right away. The Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney supporters will be splitting their votes because they will not be communicating with each other like we will be doing. Our internal numbers show that if Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney delegates vote as a block, they have a majority at the state convention. So it is absolutely crucial that we use whatever tactics necessary to promote division and confusion amongst their supporters. We promote confusion and division by:

*Gaining the trust of our opponents supporters and taking advantage of their ignorance so that we can gain control of them and tell them how they have to vote. For example if you are talking to Santorum supporters, tell them you are also pro-life and agree with a lot of what he has to say. Tell them you used to support him but now that he is out of the race you are supporting the only constitutional conservative remaining in the race. Tell them whatever they need to hear so that you gain their trust and establish credibility with them. Once you’ve done that you will control them.

*Deception and Misinformation – use any means necessary to divide and conquer our opponents.

*Prolonging the convention through parliamentary maneuvers. The longer the convention goes, the better for us. Our opposition will have a majority at the start of the convention but as the day goes on their delegates will have to leave because their baby sitter is only scheduled to watch the kids until 3pm or because they have dinner reservations, or because they just get too frustrated because the convention is taking so long. We will wait them out. We are disciplined and organized while they are weak willed and lazy. So the longer the convention goes, more and more of them will leave. All of a sudden what started out as a majority for them dwindles away and the balance of power shifts to us. We will use every parliamentary tactic in the book to prolong the meeting. Dr. Paul’s campaign has sent national lawyers who will run circles over the local Alaska lawyers. Our lawyers are ready to sue anyone who tries to get in our way.

*Despite what the Republican Party wants us to believe, this election is not about beating Obama. This election is about cleansing the Republican Party. The poor excuse for Americans that support Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney need to be run out of the Republican Party. Once we have cleansed the Republican Party and President Paul is elected, we will end America’s wars of aggression, we will put an end to American imperialism, and we will end the Fed!”


They [the Paulbots] have been training for this – putting their supporters through “boot camp” – check out this meet-up group and their comments:


Trending Meetups near Fort Worth
State Convention Delegate Training

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 6:00 PM at Painless Performance Products in Fort Worth, TX

Come learn what all to expect at the state convention so you will be prepared to participate. This will be around 2 hours of presentation followed by an hour for questions. …

Who’s coming?

16 Members

a Meetup of: Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty – Tarrant County

Sung Song: I seriously think Ron Paul has a chance at the nomination. The “secret strategy” is esoteric and available but rarely mentioned in the media. The process for nominations is one that is used by both Dems and Repubs but the average citizen doesn’t know them.
The US is a Constitutional republic not a democracy as many would have you think. This is a good thing because then the tyranny of the majority would squelch the voice of the minority (aka mob rule). Before you criticize Ron Paul, please do some research and have an open mind. I hate generalizing but Rin Paul people tend to understand government, economics, and opposing candidates more thoroughly than the blind followers of the Democrats or Republicans.

Vinny Urrabazo Kelly, from what I have read so far… you are the only one talking about conspiracies and delusion. Get outta here. RON PAUL 2012. YOU ARE EITHER WITH US, OR AGAINST US. But, we hope you are with us :)

Christopher Sweet If Kelly wants to believe Paul is unelectable then let him. I don’t believe he is unelectable. I think he should be elected and that when there’s a will there’s a way. He will certainly have some kind of outcome with this delegate strategy, which has largely paid off due to people ignoring the election process and simply believing he has no chance. We’ll see what happens.

David Baur hey Kelly, he is not ahead in the media or in the delegate counts, but the Delegate counts are incorrect as they are not factual yet. The nominated Delegates is when it matters, and that is where Ron Paul is winning. The Beauty Contest Vote is nothing, but the delegate is permanent. hence why the hope for Ron paul is growing and strengthing. The Delegate selection is what counts, not the already proven corrupt and false State Vote that occurs first.

RON PAUL DELEGATES: If our goal for liberty and a restoration of the republic is shared, the way forward is no doubt filled with great obstacles and hard work. What we as a team, (and I’m speaking of all of us) have accomplished, is truly awesome.

If you think of all the Delegates we’ve trained, the Precinct Committeepeople we’ve elected, and the minds we have changed, then we are successful.

What we must do is to continue to push forward. We want Ron Paul as our next president. Should that not happen – we can continue to multiply the effect in the years to come and continue the R3volution.

Continue to fight by the pen my friends – until your fingers are ragged and the ink runs dry. We will win and defeat tyranny.

Here’s an excellent blog entry from a recent [Ron Paul] delegate to the Oklahoma GOP State Convention:



If you’re still wondering, here’s a great article about why we can’t support Ron Paul: http://blog.womenexplode.com/2012/01/13/ron-paul-is-a-liberal-and-a-con-.aspx


Below is the original e-mail [sent out by the counterfeit Paulbot organization – the Collin County Conservative Coalition of Texas — CCCCTX] that was sent out in order to FOOL the [Traditional Republican] Delegates and Alternates:


[*Remember that this organization, the CCCCTX, is a counterfeit organization set up by the Paulbots that is meant to fool the authentic conservatives. There are at least 4 True Republicans currently listed on their site – but so far, none have sent in their personal information. It remains to be seen if they will or not – but we suggest that they just campaign AT THE CONVENTION and not participate in this charade that is crafted to pull the wool over TR’s eyes.]


We are pleased to introduce a new website for and by Delegates and Alternates to the Texas State Republican Party Convention.




As Delegates to the Texas State Republican Party Convention, we have an awesome responsibility. In addition to an enormous amount of work on Texas state party business, we will also select a slate of Delegates to represent us at the National Convention in Tampa.


During this primary season, we have heard a lot of conservative rhetoric, but like the Etch a Sketch, those promises are sometimes forgotten.


Sometimes campaign rhetoric can cloud the issues. We want to make sure that our Texas Values and Texas Votes are NOT taken for granted. We want to make sure the National Campaign remembers where Texans stand on critical issues that matter to Texans, like ratifying a Balanced Budget Amendment, protecting the sanctity of human life, abolishing the TSA, supporting the 2nd Amendment, repealing ObamaCare, and defending our borders.


That’s why the Collin County Conservative Coalition was created.


That’s why we are publishing our Texas CD3 National Delegate Candidate Guide.


We want to give all our delegates an opportunity to present themselves to our delegation in a fair and open manner. After all, we know our party is stronger when we invite all conservatives to work together.


Would you like an opportunity to serve as a delegate to the Republican national Convention? The CCCC is dedicated to giving all delegates a fair chance to accomplish just that.


Just send us an email stating your wish to compete for one of the delegate slots. You may include any information you wish to share with your fellow delegates. This can include a political resume, an introduction to yourself, or just a statement about your positions on various issues. We will post whatever you send with no editorial input from us. Your fellow delegates will see exactly what you send us.


Please help us preserve our Conservative principles. We need to send our best and brightest to represent Collin County and our Texas Values at the National Convention.






Sent to Donna Garner on 6.5.12


The talk is that Joe Straus is going to try to win over the delegates in Fort Worth by trying to convince them that he is a true conservative and gain support for him to continue as Speaker. A grassroots silent protest is planned when Straus addresses the convention during a general session on Friday – just people getting up and walking out to go view the convention booths while Straus is speaking and then coming back when his talk is over. It will send a strong message to him as well as the Texas House GOP candidates that the people do not support Joe Straus as Texas Speaker of the House.


Pass the word.

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