Was Carvalho’s snub of de Blasio a covert campaign rally?

Mar 4, 2018 by

What was Alberto Carvalho thinking?

Highly ambitious and politically shrewd, the man who rose from undocumented dishwasher to CEO of Miami’s sprawling school system finally had the “most coveted job in education” in his hands and he let it go in spectacular fashion.

By privately agreeing to become New York City’s next schools chancellor and then backing out during an emergency school board meeting broadcast live in two media markets, the former national superintendent of the year spurned a big-city mayor, burned the New York media, and seemingly boxed himself in to his job in Miami. As quickly as the cheers erupted at home, the hype of potential jobs in L.A., New York and D.C. evaporated.

Now, in the aftermath, this much seems certain: Carvalho is staying in Miami, but his ambitions are as big as they’ve ever been. And with his superintendent contract up in 2020, two scenarios seem most likely: negotiate a long-term extension or run for county mayor.

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