Washington State University is Paying Students $11 per Hour to Promote Social Justice and Diversity

Jul 25, 2017 by

Campus Reform reported that Washington State University is paying students well above minimum wage to develop projects that spread social justice propaganda to their college peers. Students involved with the “Social Justice Peer Educators” program on campus are getting paid $11 an hour, for a maximum of 10 hours a week, to “promote equity and advance social justice and diversity,”.

Via Campus Reform:

The “Social Justice Peer Educators” program was established in August of 2014, and according to the Washington State University Diversity Education page, participants “are tasked with developing and implementing educational programs and trainings for their undergraduate peers, which advance equity, diversity, and social justice.”

According to the job description page on the WSU Diversity Education site, a “Basic” qualification for the “Social Justice Peer Educator” job is to have “interest in learning more about diversity and how to advance social justice,” and “familiarity with how power, privilege, oppression operates.”

A “Preferred” candidate, meanwhile, is expected to have “experience building and implementing educational programs, and particularly programs that address structural inequality.”

The job description goes on to say that the peer educators

“will work closely with the Diversity Education Coordinator to design and facilitate educational programs, workshops, and trainings that promote equity and advance social justice and diversity,”

“assisting with the research, design, and facilitation of social justice education trainings and workshops, such as the Social Justice Teach-ins, Dialogues Across Differences, Critical Film Series, and other workshops;”

“learning about and modeling inclusive social justice community building;”

assisting in “gathering feedback and assessing the impact of educational programs,”

and helping with “marketing and outreach for Diversity Education programs and events.”

Among the programs that peer educators have already organized are: “We’re a Culture, Not a Costume: Halloween Costume Social Justice Teach-in,” “I Got Your Back: Redefining Masculinity Social Justice Teach-In,” and “Microaggressions 101.” Certainly an impressive track record.

Campus Reform attempted to contact the Coordinator of Diversity Education at Washington State to ask questions regarding the school’s program, but, unsurprisingly, did not receive a response.

Source: Washington State University is Paying Students $11 per Hour to Promote Social Justice and Diversity

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