Washington Teachers Union offers contradicting complaints about Common Core

May 10, 2013 by

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Teachers union activists are fond of wearing matching t-shirts to express their anger at work.

That’s what members of the Washington Teachers Union are doing today.

They’re all wearing blue union shirts to illustrate their unhappiness with the district’s decision to link teacher evaluations to student test scores. The tests will be based on the new Common Core national curriculum for math and English.

In a video published on YouTube, unionists can be seen holding complaints written on placards.

“I am sick of impact consequences for Common Core standards,” reads one.

“I am sick of not having a standard curriculum,” reads another.

WTU protest blue shirts“I am sick of teaching to the test!” and “I am sick of restricted creativity in the classroom” read two others.

Wait a minute. “Teaching to the test” and “restricted creativity” are direct results of having standard curriculums, like the type mandated through Common Core.

So the D.C. teachers are upset enough to have a t-shirt protest, but they disagree with each about the reasons for their protest.

And just think – these are the people preparing the children in our nation’s capital for the challenges of college and professional life.

No wonder private and charter schools are so popular with families in Washington, D.C.

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