Washington’s first charter school prepares to open

Sep 2, 2014 by

SEATTLE (AP) — In some ways, the first day of school will be nothing new at First Place in Seattle.

Kids will gather in the same beautiful old building. Some of the same teachers will be standing at classroom doors to welcome students. And the children will come from families that need extra help finding housing, food, health care and jobs.

First Place School has taught kids and helped their struggling families for the past 25 years. But on Wednesday, the former private school now called First Place Scholars will open its doors as Washington’s first public charter school.

The school will get an infusion of cash from the state budget. The administration will continue to find its own way academically, but now First Place must follow state and federal laws that govern public schools, including filing government reports and preparing students to take statewide academic tests.

First Place must show that it can help low income kids do as well or better academically than they would have at their neighborhood schools. Administrators will be judged on their ability to meet the requirements of state and federal education laws.

The school will have five years to prove itself, but its charter can be revoked at any time.

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