Wasserman Schultz Un-American Behavior

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Democrat National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) says the coming recall elections of Colorado state senators John Morse (D) and Angela Giron (D) are “a blatant attack on our Democratic principles.”

Voters are trying to recall Morse and Giron because of their support of gun control laws that banned rifle and pistol magazines larger than 15 rounds, banned shotgun magazines larger than eight rounds, and mandated a background check on every gun sale in the state, i.e., universal background checks.

The laws also contained a new fee that will be added to every gun sale to pay for the background checks. Coloradans behind the recall see this fee as a new tax that future Democrats will be able to raise as they please to drive up the cost of buying a gun.

Voters are trying to recall Morse and Giron because the passage of these laws displeased constituents.

Yet Schultz says this is not about Coloradans but about out-of-state groups funding and pushing a recall effort which was unnecessary. So far, however, out-of-state groups and individuals seem to be the ones taking sides with Morse and Giron.

For example, Obama’s Organizing for Action operatives are running Giron’s office, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has donated $350,000 to help Morse and Giron fight the recall effort.

via Wasserman Schultz: Colorado Recalls ‘Blatant Attack on Our Democratic Principles’.

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