Wasteful Spending At the DOE? You Gotta Be Kidding!

Dec 6, 2018 by

“Wasteful spending in the city Education Department”, proclaims the Daily News. I’m shocked. Shocked.  Does a bear defecate in the woods?  Got a scoop(er), tabloid?

Adjusted for inflation, the DOE probably spends more on its administration than was the total budget of this nation in both theaters of World War II.  No matter whether the chancellor is, good, bad or indifferent, there is no climate change when it comes to that Agency’s MO.
The dimensions of the waste are hard to calculate and even more challenging to imagine. Just think that for every microbe on the decomposing carcass of a mature specimen of a whale, there is a DOE administrator with a fancy title with an almost invisible work product to show.
It is not yet proven as fact that they are more numerous than the stars in heaven, though many subscribe to the theory of educational constellation.

If those with oversight authority were serious about exercising it, they would have done many years ago. The budget of the DOE under the late chancellor Harold Levy was roughly one-third of what it is today, and that was only 16 years ago.

If inanimate objects had DNA, then profligate spending would be an identifying marker of the DOE.
The mayor and comptroller want an investigation into why they squandered $20 million on deluxe venues with luxurious amenities when they could just as well have used office space for their jargon love-fest. And as many thousands of children and adults can attest, that money could have been earmarked for classrooms where the temperature “real feel” index not uncommonly hovers over 100 degrees in late spring.

The DOE was obviously aware that this story was plastered over the newspapers, and so there followed the inevitable expression of feigned surprise and a defensive posture, and it gave politicians ideas for future campaign literature.
Politicians galore are “looking into” and “taking action.”

Nicole Malliotakis and Michael Reilly, both state Assembly members representing parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island, are demanding hearings about this latest relatively minor DOE extravagance. Of course, the fact they are both Republicans suggests a partisan motive, but that may be partially coincidental. 

“Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

If the auditors keep digging, they’ll reach the center of the earth and finally Australia, before getting to the bottom of the DOE’s curious money pit.

Regardless of where the truth leads the auditors, and in defiance of any charade of sanctions that may ensue, the DOE geniuses in their glitzy offices will laugh it off, keep their gigs and their places in the water cooler queue at the ever expansive Empire of Cronies.

They always have.

Ron Isaac

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