We don’t have to agree with its government to work with China economically

Jul 7, 2011 by

Tom Watkins

China is celebrating and it is unlikely to be noticed let alone acknowledged by most Americans. In China they are celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party.

It is also marks the 40th anniversary of Henry Kissinger’s, (then national security advisor to President Nixon) secret trip to China that began the process of opening China to the world.

I have been interested in Chinese history, culture, language since a great fourth-grade teacher in the shadow of our nations capitol opened my eyes to the country many years ago. I have traveled and attempted to build two-way bridges between our countries for nearly a quarter of a century.

As I lay out in a longer article, (click on opinions) there are clearly aspects of China’s rise that have been both convulsive and repulsive. The suppression of political, ethnic and religious ideals has been real. The Chinese see our raising of these issues as inappropriately interfering in their internal affairs.

Yet, moving forward our interaction with China is unlikely to center around their internal affairs, human rights or military conflicts but global economic competition. We must seek ways to assure China’s rise does not come at our demise.

The Communist anniversary will not be celebrated here — but should be noted. Going forward — everything on the global stage will intersect at the corner of China and the U.S. We ignore one-fifth of all humanity and the fastest growing world economy at our own demise.

Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm played Peking Duck never traveling to China in her eight year stint as governor to seek ways to ways to benefit the people of Michigan from their rise. This was a mistake.

It is reported, Gov. Rick Snyder plans to travel this Fall to many Asian nations, including China seeking new markets for our industrial and agricultural goods and investments in the Michigan economy.

China will loom large in the future. We do not need to agree with their system of government to find ways to work together. Going forward, how America and China solves global problems will not only impact the people of China and America — but all of humanity.

As we begin the Fourth of July weekend, we should pause and give thanks for our independence and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Continued…

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