We Hear You: Students ‘Need to Take Hard Look at Themselves’ on Guns

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Ken McIntyre –

Dear Daily Signal: Here is my 79-year observation of what I believe are the main keys to the self-destruction of today’s young people and why everything seems so out of control (“We Hear You: It Isn’t About Guns, It’s About …”). Students on the streets protesting school shootings and bullying issues and proposing the banning of guns need to understand that solving these problems goes both ways and the situation did not happen overnight.

The students (and their parents) need to take a hard look at themselves and see what they are doing to this generation and the generations to follow, and take responsibility for where the country is today.

Greedy producers of social media, violent video games and movies, distributors of illegal drugs, and sex and profanity on TV and in movies are certainly not helping to develop sound minds and bodies. And parents are not being parents when they allow their children to make the rules in their homes.

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Children and teens are also observing and learning the good and bad traits of their parents. Parents on drugs and alcohol and who commit violent acts in front of or to their children are the worst and most damaging.

In the immature and vulnerable minds of children and teens, whatever they see in their homes and on social media, TV, movies, and music they believe it must be OK for them to do also. It’s that old saying, “monkey see, monkey do.” And then everyone wonders why there is so much bullying, teen violence, teen drugs, and teen pregnancy? They’re acting out what they see and hear.

It all begins at home, followed by antisocial surroundings and an education system run amok. To stop the bleeding, parents and children have got to stop inflicting the wounds on themselves and others.

What is being taught (or not taught) in our schools is warping or brainwashing the minds of children. Parents need to step in, monitor, and do something about it. If it’s bad teachers, bad curriculum, or lack of discipline, parents need to be involved. Schools and the government need to listen and act responsibly, and stop acting like bullies.

Parents’ responsibility for their children did not stop at birth or the day they entered school. Discipline must be reinstated at home and in our schools. Stop this coddling, catering, pandering, and enabling of out-of-control children and teens who think they know it all and can do it all with no consequences.

In many cases, it’s not the children causing the problems as much as it is the homes and lack of parenting they come from. They cannot learn responsibility, ethics, and principles on the streets and in gangs. But they can and do learn about the guns, drugs, fighting, and sex that is creating more irresponsible young parents and destroying the lives of young people.

Our schools have become social welfare centers for unruly and homeless children and their unstable homes and families. The underpaid and overwhelmed teachers were hired to teach, not to be social welfare workers, babysitters, disciplinarians, and substitutes for absent parents.

Too many high school teens cannot read, spell, write sentences, or follow simple rules, but the schools expect (demand) teachers to pass them. When a teacher calls a parent about an unruly child and the parent gets angry and says it’s the school and teachers’ responsibility, not theirs, that’s a breakdown in the home and the school.

These protesting teens demanding action from the government need to stop protesting long enough to stop and think about their part in all of this, and then clean up their acts and their schools before demanding the same from the government. Some schools are better than others, and too many are worse, but this public street goes both ways.

­­­­The open borders of a Third World invasion of nonassimilating, uneducated foreigners and questionable refugees also has brought more chaos and mayhem. Parents are responsible for their actions and the actions of their children, not the government, not the schools, and not the “villages.”

What part of this do protesting students, government in turmoil, and complacent Americans not understand?—Pat Kennedy, Midland, Texas 

Tim Gradous @tgradous

We Hear You: It Isn’t About Guns, It’s About …

“We have this all wrong. This is a generational morality problem, not a gun problem,” writes Daniel Stark of Casa Grande, Arizona.@DailySignal
via @KenMac55 https://www.dailysignal.com/2018/03/18/we-hear-you-it-isnt-about-guns-its-about/ 

We Hear You: It Isn’t About Guns, It’s About …

“Ignoring what makes someone want to kill is a missed opportunity at evolving as a society,” James Giese writes, as The Daily Signal’s


Source: We Hear You: Students ‘Need to Take Hard Look at Themselves’ on Guns

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