We Trusted Comey, a Cowardly Ninny?

Apr 17, 2018 by

“We Trusted Comey, a Cowardly Ninny?”

By Donna Garner



I did not watch any of the James Comey interview by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos (G. S.).  It turns out that I was not the only one who decided not to watch the “underwhelming” interview as more people watched the Country Music Awards than watched the G. S. interview with Comey.



Interestingly enough, ABC chose G. S. to do the interview with Comey.  This is the same G. S.  who was Pres. Bill Clinton’s communications director and senior advisor during the time that the Monica Lewinsky/White House intern/Clinton’s semen on blue dress/what meaning of “is” is/Oval Office sex scandal was occurring.



Right off, the choice of G. S. to interview “Sanctimonious Comey” should have raised real doubts about the authenticity and veracity of the questions.



Even though I did not watch the 4.15.18 interview, yesterday while I was watching TV, various clips from the G. S./Comey interview were shown.



The one that really got me upset was when I realized what fools we Americans have been!  We thought that during the years of 8.4.13 through 5.9.17 while James Comey was the FBI Director, we were being courageously protected by the FBI from homegrown terrorists. Come to find out, this FBI Director in whom we placed our trust is actually a cowardly ninny!



Comey himself described how he deliberately wore a dark blue suit to the White House Inauguration Day gathering so that he could blend his 6’ 8” body into the blue curtains in the Blue Room.  Why?  Comey was afraid of our newly elected President, Donald Trump. This is the same President who has already faced down Putin, Syria, Assad, Iran, ISIS, and North Korea!  



It horrifies me to think that we as the American public were trusting James Comey — a cowardly ninny hiding behind the White House’s blue curtains – to protect us during the time when ISIS was cutting off people’s heads.



Meanwhile here in the United States during James Comey’s tenure at the FBI, these (and more) terrorist activities occurred:   


Shooting attack at Washington Navy Yard

  1. A. Airport attacks

Ft. Hood shootings

Attacks on Kansas Jewish Community Center

Axe attack on policemen in New York

Oklahoma City knife attack at food processing company

Shooting attack at event critical of Islam in Garland, Texas

Killings at Bible study group in Charleston, South Carolina

Shootings at San Bernardino Christmas party

Machete attack in Columbus, Ohio

Orlando nightclub attack

Sniper attack in Dallas

Bombing on streets of Manhattan

Vehicular and knife attacks at Ohio State University

Shootings at Ft. Lauderdale Airport


Amazingly, we who are alive today lived through James Comey’s tenure at the FBI; but it is only by the grace of God and through the efforts of many thousands of capable and courageous FBI agents on the frontlines.


My heart goes out to those FBI agents who have had to try to maintain their integrity while the two leaders at the top (Comey and Andrew McCabe) were CORRUPT TO THE CORE.


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    Dennis pellegrini

    Comey and Clinton should be tried for their crimes.

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