We Wuz Robb-ed

Jan 26, 2021 by

The National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel was fired within hours of President Biden taking his office.  It might have been sooner, but they wanted to give the poor fellow a chance to save face by resigning that day.

He declined, thereby showing the same pig-headedness that distinguished him in his former role as union buster.

This puppet was rudely interrupted by a higher authority. His sacking is a brilliant portend.
Peter Robb’s role at the NLRB was supposed to be independent from partisanship, but the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)  knew him as “an extreme anti-union ideologue” and a “uniquely destructive figure.”  He was a stooge, bag-man and obsequious tool of management and a provocateur.  His prosecutions were often tainted and his settlements were forgone conclusions, seemingly vetted in advance by his controllers.

Robb was a rabid opponent of a livable minimum wage and “neutrality agreements” that had relaxed restrictions on union organization and advanced collective bargaining freedoms.  He was so fired up with anti-worker animus that he tried to ban the inflatable rat used by locked-out workers to attract attention to their struggle, calling the symbolic rodent “unlawfully coercive”.
Symbols have consequences.

Robb’s term was due to expire in less than a year, but his instant excision from the tissue of government prevented what would have been a rushed spread of even more malignant rulings.

There’s more good news on the labor front, especially on the federal level.

The green light for federal agencies to run roughshod over employees’ right in the workplace has been turned off.  The so-called Schedule F executive order which had favored political allegiance over  merit-based civil service has been rescinded.

Now workers will have redress when falsely accused.

The National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) was a key to litigating against the management’s dominance by edict and largely defrayed its ill-effects until the new president took action almost in the next breath after vowing to defend the Constitution.

So how does it feel, Mr. Robb, when the fiat pen is no longer in your hand?

The labor movement can never die, but it is in perpetual need of rebirth.  And there’s no better delivery room than the Oval Office.

Ron Isaac

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