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Far-reaching laws called ‘next attack on your family’

Picture this … your 7-year-old daughter comes home from school in tears, explaining she’s afraid to go to the bathroom at school because a boy comes in while she’s there. Outraged, you call the school to demand an explanation. You’re told that your daughter is telling the truth, but because the boy says he wants to be a girl, officials’ hands are tied.


“It’s the law.”

According to the Pacific Justice Institute, this and many other scenarios may become reality if two new far-reaching “gender identity” bills pass the California Legislature.


PJI has launched a new site,, to bring attention to Senate Bill 323 and Assembly Bill 1266 – two bills which push an activist gender-identity agenda.


SB 323 was introduced in the California Legislature by Sen. Ricadro Lara, D-Long Beach, in mid February. The legislation would eliminate key tax exemptions for the Boy Scouts of America if the organization were to not accept “gender identity” and homosexuality.


But PJI notes that the threat of loss of tax exemption isn’t just posed to the Boy Scouts of America, but would directly affect numerous youth organizations including 4-H, Little League and the Special Olympics.


PJI attorneys interpreted the legislation to require potentially all youth sports in California to allow children of any gender to participate in any sports team or activity in order to remain tax-exempt as an organization.


‘Moreover, SB 323 would negatively affect at least one area of tax exemptions for private religious schools and higher education, and could potentially have a highly coercive effect on these institutions,” the site notes.


Just days after SB 323 was introduced, AB 1266 was introduced into the California State Assembly by Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco. The legislation requires that elementary, middle and high school students be allowed to fully participate on sports teams of the opposite sex, and access opposite sex bathrooms, locker rooms, and other “facilities,” based on the student’s chosen “gender-identity.”


PJI calls the bill radical and believes that it will erupt in controversy once more parents become aware of it.


“This bill seeks to impose radical ‘gender identity’ mandates on K-12 public schools to a degree that most parents would find shocking,” reads a PJI statement.


“While this legislation has been largely underreported to date, we fully expect it will spark a national controversy in the next few weeks,” a release from PJI stated.


WND recently reported a coalition has been formed to oppose a proposed change to the iconic Boy Scout organization’s century-old policy that would allow openly homosexual members.


The coalition, which includes scoutmasters and Eagle Scouts, vows to “keep sex and politics out of Scouting” through rallies, petitions and appearances at Boy Scouts of America meetings ahead of the National Council’s vote in May.

The new coalition says its members “affirm Scouting’s timeless values and will work to keep open homosexuality out of the Boy Scouts.”


It wants to “influence the resolution committee, the BSA voting delegates and the general public regarding the legal, social, political and financial implications of changing the membership policy.”




WND previously also has reported on the radical moves California lawmakers already have adopted, including SB 48, who requires positive portrayals of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons in class.


Others cited by the pro-family as being on a radical sex agenda include:


  • SB 543, signed by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2010, “allows school staff to remove children ages 12 and up from government schools and taken off-campus for counseling sessions, without parental permission or involvement.”


  • ACR 82, approved by the California Legislature in 2010, “creates de facto ‘morality-free zones’ at participating schools (pre-kindergarten through public universities). Schools that become official ‘Discrimination-Free Zones’ will ‘enact procedures’ (including mandatory counseling) against students from pre-kindergarten on up who are accused of ‘hate,’ ‘intolerance,’ or ‘discrimination.’” The definition of “hate” includes peacefully speaking or writing against the unnatural lifestyles choices of homosexuality and bisexuality.


  • SB 572, signed by Schwarzenegger in 2009, establishes “Harvey Milk Day” in K-12 California public schools and community colleges. In classrooms, schools and school districts that participate, children are taught to admire the life and values of late homosexual activist and teen predator Harvey Milk of San Francisco in the month of May.


  • SB 777, signed by Schwarzenegger in 2007, prohibits all public school instruction and every school activity from “promoting a discriminatory bias” against (effectively requiring positive depictions of) transsexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality to schoolchildren as young as five years old.


  • AB 394, signed by Schwarzenegger in 2007, effectively promotes transsexual, bisexual and homosexual indoctrination of students, parents and teachers via “anti-harassment” and “anti-discrimination” materials, to be publicized in classrooms and assemblies, posted on walls, incorporated into curricula on school websites, and distributed in handouts to take home.


  • SB 71, signed by Gov. Gray Davis in 2003 and implemented in 2008 through the new “sexual health” standards approved by appointees of Schwarzenegger and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell, teaches children as young as fifth grade that any consensual sexual behavior is “safe” as long as you “protect” yourself with a condom, and teaches children that homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality is “normal.”


  • AB 1785, signed by Davis in 2000, required the California State Board of Education to alter the state curriculum frameworks to include and require “human relations education” for children in K-12 public schools, with the aim of “fostering an appreciation of the diversity of California’s population and discouraging the development of discriminatory attitudes and practices,” according to the state legislative counsel’s digest.


  • AB 537, signed by Davis in 1999, permits teachers and students to openly proclaim and display their homosexuality, bisexuality or transsexuality, even permitting cross-dressing teachers, school employees and student on campus, in classrooms, and in restrooms.

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