Weddings in Santorini: Top 3 wedding venues

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Knock knock knock!! Wedding season has come! Spring is the ideal wedding season for nature lovers. Where do you prefer to plan your wedding? Near the beach or in a colorful garden? Deciding on a wedding venue is a tough job and you cannot finalize the destination in a hurry. You have to consider many aspects, especially photography spots. No wedding is complete without a wedding album. This blog suggests the 3 most attractive wedding venues in Santorini – a city of love. 

Wedding Destinations in Santorini

In Santorini, there are so many places to arrange your dream wedding. Before you, many couples were married which added to the success of wedding venues in Santorini. Each wedding venue at Santorini is a wonderful choice but still, for you, there are 3 top venues mentioned. 

  1. Cavo Ventus

Let’s move to the old times this year! Caldero of Akrotiri was ever since an appealing option to peaceful minds. Imagine yourself being picturized surrounded by waters and lush greenery with some shades from an old stone windmill. In Particular, you have a grand view from a terrace, poolside and garden. You may book this place for an outdoor wedding or a reception as the exterior design is exceptional. 

  1. Dana Villas

Traditional weddings of Europe are best planned on the land of Santorini at Dana Villas. It offers a volcano view from a terrace with quiet settings. How it sounds: wedding photographs with the background of Santorini sunset. If your dream is a luxurious wedding, head forward to book this spot. The wedding couple can also have a romantic dinner in an intimate setting. 

  1. Pyrgos Restaurant

Say hello to the weddings in the panoramic island view! This restaurant won’t be a fresh go, as it has so many satisfied clients from the past 20 years. Let’s enjoy private and exclusive weddings in an attractive setting by booking services from Pyrgos Restaurant. The local hotel servants will also guide you to enjoy to the fullest on the best day of your life. 

Wedding Photography

After choosing a wedding destination in Santorini, the next step is to hire a wedding photographer. It does not matter which destination you choose, bike if you select an incompetent photographer, you will end up with a sad face. A good photographer can make a dull background look extra bright and alluring. Santorini wedding photographer is the best choice if you want your wedding album to stand out from others. This is not an ordinary choice; the photographer is an award-winning wedding photographer. Modern couples should contact him to capture emotional, classy and fashioned photographs of their wedding. The photographer himself loves to capture weddings organized in Santorini. So, give him a go. You should contact him months earlier as his schedule is tough and you may miss his appointment. 

Take away!!

Don’t delay your weddings more and organize them this wedding season at the best places in Santorini. If you have any questions about the wedding venues or Santorini wedding photography, comment. Your queries will be answered.

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