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QUESTION FOR MS. WENDY ABOUT HER $$$$$$$ GIVE-AWAY EDUCATION PLAN:  Where is there independent, peer-reviewed, replicated research to prove that money equals academic achievement?  Sorry, Wendy, there is none! 


MS. WENDY, since the bottom line of your education platform involves spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars in “give-away” programs, where is the accountability for those funds?  Your plan is simply more of the same redistribution of wealth on the backs of those hard-working taxpayers who believe in personal responsibility, individual accountability, self-discipline, self-control, and a strong work ethic. 


In fact, the schools that spend the most per student have some of the worst academic results. If money were going to solve the problem, these high-dollar schools would have raised their academic achievement long before now.


One other really important point is that per-pupil funding does not include the amount of federal dollars spent per student. When these dollars are added in, the per-pupil funding figure climbs exponentially, particularly in low-income school districts.


In other words, schools in low-income neighborhoods are receiving huge amounts of money per student.  Where are those funds going?  After finding out about the CSCOPE debacle and the millions that have been wasted on this program (and other programs just like it such as Common Core), it is easy to see where the “bottomless pit” is occurring. 


Then, too, there are those large numbers of administrators per school district who receive high salaries by making themselves look important and irreplaceable but who actually spend much of their time lobbying the legislature for more money so that administrative salaries can be increased.  


Looking back to the 82nd Legislative Session when the Texas Legislature tried to be fiscally responsible by lowering the amount of money sent to public schools, I can only remember hearing of one superintendent who voluntarily took a salary cut.  Instead, TASA/TASB (administrator organizations) orchestrated a plan to cut classroom teachers’ jobs so that the public’s ire would be aroused and pressure exerted on the 83rd Legislative Session to give those funds back.  Yet it is in the classroom where the students reside. It is the students who are the sole reason that schools exist.  The classroom should be the last place in which funding cuts should occur.


TASA/TASB’s plan worked, and most of the funding was restored during this last legislative session. Not only did TASA/TASB get their way for increased funding, but they also pressured the Texas Legislature to destroy the accountability mechanism through HB 5. 


Surely Texas taxpayers will rise up and call Wendy Davis’ plan a farce, empty campaign rhetoric.  Why would voters go into the voting booth and vote for Wendy Davis just so that she can raise their taxes so that more give-away programs can be created with no accountability for those funds?   


Plain and simple way to improve our schools IN THIS ORDER:  (1) consistent classroom discipline and (2) quality curriculum


Donna Garner


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