West Texas Doctor Tells of a Successful Cure for COVID

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Odessa doctor making a difference - Odessa American: Religion

“West Texas Doctor Tells of a Successful Cure for COVID”

From Donna Garner


Dr. Richard Bartlett is a practicing family medicine specialist in the Midland/Odessa area of Texas.  From almost the start of the COVID epidemic, he recognized that this virus was a respiratory/inflammatory disease and set out to find a way to treat this problem at its source.  He came up with a steroid-based treatment using budesonide (Pulmicort) with a nebulizer which he said has been used widely in asthma patients for over 20 years.  

Iceland, Japan, Taiwan, and Japan have used a similar inhaled steroid treatment to fend off COVID.  Taiwan, a densely populated country of 24 million people, has had only 7 deaths from COVID.  Iceland has had 10, and Japan has had less than 1,000.  

Dr. Bartlett believes it is paramount to treat COVID within the first few days of detection and has had amazing success with his own patients. 

He believes that the hydroxychloroquine protocol has also had great success against COVID and believes that these inexpensive ways of treating the virus will make the much publicized vaccine unnecessary.  Dr. Barlett said that researchers had already discovered a proliferation of mutations of the virus, making a targeted vaccine ineffective against the ever-changing mutations.  

Dr. Bartlett has produced an unpublished paper which documents his success with his own patients and has already given it to Sen. Ted Cruz, Kent Hance, Star Parker, and U. S. Rep. Brian Babin.  Dr. Bartlett hopes to get his paper to Pres. Trump this next week.  (Dr. Bartlett does not want to wait until October to get his paper peer-reviewed and published because by then, many people will have died from COVID.)  

Here is host Debbie Georgatos’ interview with Dr. Bartlett on 7.2.20 – “American, Can We Talk?”

LINK TO YOUTUBE:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDSDdwN2Xcg

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  1. W.O. Brisco

    Unfortunately, the billions of dollars to be made from the vaccine trumped this treatment and that of Hydroxychloroquine. As a result, tens of thousands in the U.S. have needlessly died.

  2. Bk Hartley

    How do you do this treatment without infecting everyone around? Since the virus is soo contagious….

  3. Holly Koiro

    then why are so many folks dying in the Midland Odessa area?

  4. Ju

    Why is this on YouTube? Anyone can post anything on that sight. I don’t trust this.

  5. Lawrence Howells

    This is great news please get it in front of President Trump so he can do something with this. Thank you!

    • Dave Aleppo

      Why send to Trump? I don’t trust anything he’s done in relation to this virus. This needs to be sent CDC & WHO to have it appropriately vetted.

      • Cg


      • Dee

        They have sent it to them and instead of studying it with early treatment they are ONLY studying in hospital use. They are putting their finger on the scale of the study of this early intervention that is administered in the doctor’s offices. This government needs to STOP “protecting” Americans from these drugs that they have deemed safe for decades.

        • Judy

          Yes! If they are going to do a study of HIS protocol, they can not CHANGE it. Otherwise, it isn’t HIS protocol. That should be exposed BEFORE the results of study is published. Changing from upfront treatment til hospitalized with more advanced covid is misleading and fraudulent. THAT should be well known!

  6. Ira Chambers

    I am taking Budesonide in capsule form for a colon condition. Is this going to have the same effect as the Pulmicort?

    • Dee

      I wouldn’t think so. The doctor said it need to be liquid through a nebulizer. The drug is more effective reaching the lungs directly. I wonder if your taking it for another problem might help you not get the virus….

  7. Alex Lopez

    How symptomatic do you need to be to be prescribed the medication? My in-laws are currently quarantined and we have been checking on them. Today my mother in law’s oxygen level is 80 taking her to the hospital. We are wanting to get the steroid based treatment with budesonide.

    • Dee

      I hope you have insisted on this treatment. Like he said if you can’t get your doctor to prescribe it find one who will!

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