What ‘college and career ready’ really means

Nov 8, 2011 by

By George Wood –

On a recent fall morning I found myself on the deck of an almost completed cabin overlooking the mist coming off the Hocking River. Two teachers, three fathers, sixteen students, and I had gathered for the once-weekly “show and tell” session in our junior/senior advisories — this time at the cabin that three seniors had designed and built for their senior project.

The cabin is “off the grid.” It has solar power, a composting toilet, water caught from the roof, and a wood burning stove. It is, in the best sense, sustainable. The three seniors had done all the research on the building techniques, worked with carpenters and solar installers to learn what they needed to know, and had built the cabin from the ground up.

That morning we had gathered to hear about their work. We also sat in a circle to listen to one student play Wildwood Flower on the banjo, see the sketches for another’s ceramic project, and go over the fitness plans another was designing for four participants in an experiment in weight loss and exercise.

via What ‘college and career ready’ really means – The Answer Sheet – The Washington Post.

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