What Are Cloud Phone Numbers & How Can They Benefit Your Business?

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By Tom Senkus

If you’re looking to find out what cloud phone numbers are and how they can benefit your business, read on to discover what many startups and larger enterprises are using to gain a competitive foothold in our global marketplace.

What are Cloud Phone Numbers?

Simply put, cloud phone numbers are phone numbers that are powered by cloud computing.  More specifically, as they are known in the telecom industry, cloud phone numbers are often referred to as virtual phone numbers.

When a virtual phone number is dialed, the inbound call is redirected through the internet and instantly routed to the recipient’s phone number, which is known as a destination phone number. Vice versa, when a virtual phone number is paired with an add-on called outbound calling (more on add-ons below), you are able to call from your destination phone number and have the virtual phone number appear on the recipient’s caller ID, exactly like a traditional number.

Furthermore, virtual phone numbers are identical to “normal” phone numbers in both function and appearance. This means that the country code and area code for the virtual phone number mirrors that of a particular place that you wish to communicate with. For instance, if you wanted to choose a virtual phone number for New York City, you can use the 212 area code to target those that specifically live in the surrounding area. And as far as functionality goes, virtual phone numbers use technologies like VoIP and related software (i.e. softphones) to instantly transmit audio data between parties for a seamless audio experience.

Now that you are aware of what cloud numbers are and how they function, let’s take a look at the many benefits available for subscribers.

Benefits of Cloud Phone Numbers

Geographical Agnosticism

Because cloud phone numbers are available as toll free numbers, you can subscribe with them to make your company seem national instead of beholden to a particular area where your company may be headquartered. This can be especially useful for businesses that may not be located in areas known for business, but want to tap into wealthier markets that regularly do business solely with larger entities.

Target Hyper-Specific Markets

On the flipside of geographical agnosticism, cloud phone numbers are available as local numbers (as mentioned in the aforementioned New York City example) which can give your business the ability to aid its localization process. This is important, especially considering that many callers won’t do business with organizations that they don’t deem local or may be unfamiliar with. Especially when paired with the add-on “outbound calling,” you’ll be able to ensure that callers are immediately comfortable with your business contacting them directly.

With the availability of cloud phone numbers in nearly any city, region, and country from trusted service providers, your business can appear in multiple hyper-specific markets while being headquartered elsewhere – even in a completely different country altogether.

Establish a Business Presence with Minimal Resources

One of the biggest challenges for new businesses and startups is that they don’t have resources to compete with longer-established enterprises. Luckily, because today’s commerce is mostly online, you can establish a business presence in nearly any country with cloud phone numbers and other virtual technologies (i.e. an eCommerce website, online collaboration platforms, etc.). The cost of a cloud phone number subscription pales in comparison to setting up a branch office in a new region or country, which typically includes leasing property, hiring staff, following local regulations, opening a foreign bank account, and so forth – all without earning a single profit. With cloud phone numbers, you can easily establish a business presence in the time it takes to subscribe with a telecom service provider.

Added Functionalities with Add-Ons

Cloud phone numbers can be augmented with a vast variety of add-ons and functionalities that can revolutionize how your business handles inbound and outbound calls. Consider the popular add-on “call recording,” which enables you to store and review any calls made to and from your business (this is ideal for quality control). Or, you may want to sign up for “simultaneous ringing,” which rings all connected phones at the same time to ensure that all available staff can answer a call as fast as possible.

Author’s Bio: Tom Senkus is a proponent of emerging technology, particularly advocating the widespread utilization of cloud computing and VoIP for modern businesses. For more information about Tom’s writing and published work examples, visit www.tomsenkuswriter.com

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