What are the world’s safest cars?

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Whether you’re buying a car for yourself or to transport your entire family in, the chances are that safety will be high on your list of priorities. Car safety is a big topic and has improved dramatically in recent decades with advanced technology and high-quality testing.

As the amount of cars on the road increases across the world, road safety is increasingly important. As vehicles get more powerful, it’s essential that safety is kept at the forefront of all new developments.

So, what are the world’s safest cars?

  • Volvo XC60
  • Honda Civic
  • Mercedes X –Class
  • Subaru Impreza
  • VW Arteon

This is an impressive title to hold but numerous countries are in agreement that the Volvo XC60 could just be the world’s safest car. It scored 5 stars in European NCAP ratings, achieving 100% in 2 of the categories. It has been excellent safety records for head on and classic side smashes alongside front and side airbags. The vehicle also has impressive seatbelt technology to prevent whiplash.

The Honda Civic is now in its 10th generation and has some seriously impressive safety features – not least the AEB and Lane Departure warnings. There are also six airbags and Land Adaptive Cruise Control. A popular option for family’s looking for one of the safest hatchbacks around.

When considering the world’s safest cars, a pick up might not spring to mind. Yet the Mercedes X class has an Electronic Stability programs which works to stablise the vehicle through the application of brakes to individual vehicles – and all done by a clever system detecting that a skid may be about to happen. The model also has Active Brake and Lane Keeping assist to keep you safe.

Another company with an excellent safety record, Subaru’s Impreza is a popular option for families wanting the very safest ride. It has an innovative Eyesight technology which gives drivers advance warning of any potential hazards. In addition, the car has Rear Vehicle Detection and High Beam Assist.

Achieving 5 star ratings across a number of different crash tests, the VW Arteon has been meticulously designed with safety in mind. Its unique design aids in the absorption of impact and the safety technology is second to none with features including AEB and Lane Keeping Assist amongst many others.

Safety should always come first

It’s only natural that your first concern with any car that you buy is safety. Whether you’re using your vehicle for daily use around a town or city, or you want to take your vehicle for weekend adventures exploring the countryside or beachside areas – you’ll want to make sure safety comes first.

With new technology, there’s no excuse for cars not to have the highest level of safety features installed as standard. Always look at safety ratings from different crash tests across the world as well as what features are installed and the number of airbags that the car has in different positions.

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