What Can the U.S. Government Learn From the Newly Elected Pope?

Mar 18, 2013 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

As most everyone knows that follows current events and the news, the Roman Catholic Church has just elected a new Pope. The old one is retiring for whatever reason, and the new Pope has chosen the name of Pope Frances, ostensibly after a saint.

The interesting thing is what first specific actions this new Pope chose to engage in. Apparently, he said a few prayers and then went on his way to pay his bill at whatever Bed and Breakfast or hotel that he stayed in. I am sure that if he chose not to pay, the hotel ( I don’t know the name ) would be more than happy to pick up the tab. But no- one of his first official acts was to pay the hotel. I am not sure if he paid in Euros, or Travelers checks or credit cards, but he paid his bill.

Having been to Rome once, and having stayed at Via Cavour, near the Roman Coliseum, I know that staying in Rome is not cheap. Some places include breakfast before you venture out to see the sights, but invariably, all that walking around Rome eventually takes it’s toll.

Anyway, the point is, the Pope paid his bill. He did not delegate to some other person, he did not “ forget“ but rather owned up to his responsibilities. Was he attempting to set an example? Was he trying to be a role model? Was he trying to send a message? I don’t know. But he may be a person that has his priorities in order.

Should the U.S. Government be any different? Should there be a balanced budget? Should we be asking our children to pick up the tab? I am pretty sure the Pope did not ask Vatican City to pick up the tab- he did it himself. I think this person may prove to be a pretty good leader- perhaps even an economical one.

I guess our Presidents have some “perks“ to the office. But the newly elected Pope seemed to accept the responsibility for his own debts. Sure, I use my credit card on occasion and try to pay it off. But I don’t have the entire world watching. I think the newly elected Pope may have been trying to send a message by example. And I think this is a good thing.

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