What Can You Do With an Associate Degree in Accounting?

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When people attend college, they typically try to obtain a four-year bachelor’s degree. While you can obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting, you also can complete a two-year program and receive an associate degree in accounting. One of the main advantages of getting an associate degree is you spend less time in school, meaning you pay less tuition and can start earning money faster. Although you may not have the same education as someone with a bachelor’s degree, there are still several opportunities for associate degree holders. So what opportunities are available to you? Here’s what you can do with an associate degree in accounting. 


A common job available to those with an associate degree in accounting is bookkeeping. Bookkeeping revolves around keeping track of a business’s financial records, ensuring that all financial transactions are recorded. Additionally, bookkeepers are responsible for cross-referencing recorded data with bank records to ensure that there are no discrepancies. The data is then turned into easily-digestible financial reports for higher-ups, allowing them to quickly assess the company’s position and make smart financial decisions. Bookkeeping is a great position for an associate-level accountant that puts your education to great use and allows you to fill a valuable role within the company. 

Payroll Clerk

Paying employees is a very important part of running a company. When a company has lots of employees earning various salaries, keeping track of payroll can be quite complicated. A payroll clerk is there to ensure that hours and wages are kept track of, ensuring that all employees are paid accurately and on time. Payroll mistakes can be quite costly, frustrating employees and causing them to lose motivation. Since payroll clerks ensure that no payroll errors occur, they serve a vital role within a company. Additionally, payroll clerks get valuable work experience in other areas of accounting, such as human resources since, they frequently deal with employees and their salaries. For associate-level accountants that want to handle an important role and branch out a little, this is a great job to pursue. 

Accounting Assistant

Another attractive job prospect for associate-level accountants is an accounting assistant job. As the name suggests, accounting assistants aid accountants with various tasks. These tasks can be as simple as tracking records and filing, or they could be more complex such as analyzing financial documents and bookkeeping. An accounting assistant position is a great entry-level position that can really show you what the accounting world is like. Not only will you get hands-on experience, but you’ll also be able to gain valuable information from the accountant that you work under. In some cases, you may learn new ways of doing things or may even learn an entirely new concept that you never learned about in your education. 

Further Accounting Education Although an associate degree in accounting can allow you to land some well-paying entry-level jobs, that isn’t the only thing it can do for you. Getting an associate degree opens up a direct pathway for you to further your education. You may be able to use your associate degree to hold a full-time position, eventually earning enough money to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Way down the line, you may even pursue a Master’s degree to receive a fully comprehensive education. Most schools allow you to transfer your associate degree classes into their program, allowing you to continue your education without repeating any classes. The higher education you have, the more opportunities you’ll have available to you and the more well-paid you’ll be. Just because you start out with an associate degree does not mean that you can’t continue your education down the line.

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