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“What Caring High School Students Can Accomplish”

From Donna Garner


[COMMENT FROM DONNA GARNER:  The following was sent to me by a Texas teacher. I love sharing inspiring stories such as this one.]

The students in the junior class at Ira High School in IRA, Texas, submitted an amazing documentary to the University Interscholastic League (UIL) Young Filmmakers Festival in Austin, Texas.  

Ira ISD is a small IA school in southwestern Scurry County in West Texas.

The Ira students focused their documentary (entitled “Angels Walk Among Us”) on the AIDS epidemic in JinJa, Uganda, Africa and on Hope for AIDS Orphans led by Daniel Mwebaza.

When the Ira students were producing this documentary, their teacher warned them that the clip of the Ugandan children learning to say “Jesus is my Savior” might keep the documentary from advancing in the competition.  The students said they did not care and that it was a story that needed telling.

In the first round of competition, one judge said that it was the best documentary he had seen in 28 years in film. The other two judges from large Austin area schools savaged it.  The Ira High School documentary was also  prevented from entering the Nobility Project.

A film that did advance in the first round of the contest was about a group of high-school males who were outcasts and turned to an all-male Viking club. The film had homosexual overtones in which  a heterosexual marriage was mocked.

Another film in the contest was about a couple who were serial killers, committed random killings, and then said grace at the dinner table.

A third film was about a girl who blamed Jesus for the death of her brother. She demonstrated her anguish by tearing page after page out of her Bible.

[Note from Donna Garner:  In my opinion, even though the Ira students’ documentary did not advance, they were the real “winners.”  They were so inspired by their project that they did a fund raiser, collecting over $1,000.00 to help the children in the Ugandan orphanage.  Their funds are helping to sponsor seven Ugandan children, one of whom is a little girl found starving on the side of the road.] 

Ira High School Entry — 6:59 minute YouTube – “Angels Walk Among Us” — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vk1NxoX1LYA


To contribute to Hope for Aids Orphans, please go to:


Daniel Mwebaza, Director

Facebook page:  https://tinyurl.com/yxhmzcza

E. W. Burt, Teacher  Ira ISD, Ira, Texas


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