Everyone, it seems, has a magic bullet that’s going to end school shootings. It’s part of our culture. The left wants one simple law passed and the right another repealed. Everyone on Twitter is a policy expert, Facebook is filled with solutions that are foolproof and simple and yet somehow overlooked, at least to the experts posting them.

I have bad news for you. No one is going to end school shootings because schools shootings are not the real problem. So be prepared for them to get worse and to not be limited to schools. When your culture falls apart, the people in it fall apart. Some of them turn into TrigglyPuff. Some turn into Nikolas Cruz.

But what did we expect was going to happen? That’s not a rhetorical question, except in the sense that no one really thought to ask it.

We built a culture in which celebrity is our highest aspiration. From “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” to “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”, we have taught our kids that being rich, being famous, being glamorous is what’s important. When we cut ourselves loose from any virtue higher than others’ opinions of us, no one thought it would result in a generation of teens who eat Tide Pods for a few Youtube clicks.  Because no one ever thought.

We built a culture that promotes confusion. We tore down all barriers related to morality, especially sexual morality. We started with serial monogamy and hookup culture and moved right into married gays and bent genders. Now after 12 years of sex education our kids don’t even know what sex they are. We purposely tore down every protective social wall that humanity spent the previous 5 millennia constructing. No one ever thought to ask why they were constructed in the first place. Because no one ever thought.

We built a culture that promotes unresolvable interpersonal conflict. No more are we one nation under God; we are not under God at all, nor are we  a nation. We are but intersectionalities of aggrieved classes, competing for the most oppression points by demonizing our fellow citizens for the original sin of being born white or male or straight or with 2 legs. We have set an entire generation against itself with manufactured claims of oppression. Did we truly not think that some of them would take up arms against the others or that a few would seek to destroy the many?  We did not think at all.

We built a culture where drugs could take the place of discipline. Got a boy with ants in his pants? Instead of working with him to build his self control, we give him a drug.  He can’t concentrate? Take this pill*. Don’t want chicken pox? Get this shot. Don’t have time to eat right? Here’s some processed cheese food and some deep fried GMO corn chips. Did we ever wonder what would happen to his developing brain when we pumped it full of these chemicals? No, we didn’t.

A 60-year-old sporting rifle is not the problem.

A 60-year-old sporting rifle is not the problem.

So now we have raised a generation of angry, bitter, drug-addled, under-developed aspiring rappers who don’t know who they are and never learned how to deal with life’s most common setbacks. We cut them loose without support on an America that has lost its way, lost its finances, lost its vision, and lost its history. Then we are surprised at the results.

What did we think was going to happen if we did this?  We didn’t think at all.

We’re in a hole of our own making. It’s a deep hole. It’s so deep and so big that I do not believe we are collectively coming out of it. The monsters are already among us, the barbarians are inside the gates. And our culture creates more of them every day. We will not all escape.

But you can and your family can, if you’re willing to break free from it, to come out of her, my people. If you’re truly serious, you can almost guarantee that while you cannot stop school shootings, at least they will not affect you and yours. And you will raise well-adjusted, decent human beings to boot.

First Step: Homeschool or die. I don’t want to hear why you can’t do it. In three decades as a homeschooling parent, I’ve heard your excuse. Either it’s important enough to you that you work through your roadblocks, or it’s not. Your choice.

Second step: turn off the damned TV. Our poisonous culture is delivered to our kids electronically, and it is parents who fund it. Hollywood has no money that regular Americans didn’t give it. It is a cesspool that is purposely corrupting your children, purposely destroying beauty and virtue and love. Everything you hold dear, it destroys. Cut it out of your life.

Get away from the city. That world is too big for kids. A high school of 3,000 students is a factory. It alienates kids. It harms them in ways that are impossible to measure and difficult to comprehend. Every school shooter you’ve heard of came out of public schools, most of them suburban. Instead find a nice small town where they can establish deep and long-lasting relationships, not only with people their age, but with older people. Find a place where they can know and be known, a place small enough that they matter. They can’t put down roots in concrete.

Build a culture of life in your home and community. Pray for and with your kids. Teach them to hunt and to garden, to train a dog and change a diaper. Teach them that decisions have eternal consequences. Teach them about the importance of sex, of marriage, of faithfulness. They will not be cool in the world’s eyes; neither will they be destroyed by the world’s coldness. Teach them that their happiness is not the highest virtue and they will be happier than any of their peers.

School shootings will not be solved because they are but a symptom of the real problem. They are the hacking cough of a man with lung cancer; cough drops, no matter how strong, will do no good. We are accelerating into a full-blown cultural meltdown. And we cannot turn it around without radical surgery, without monumental effort, without considerable sacrifice. In reality, we are probably going to ride it right through to hell, at full speed, with tens of millions of our fellow Americans cheering the whole way.

Can’t they see where this road leads? What are they thinking? They are not thinking at all.

* No worries that its side effects can include suicidal and/or murderous thoughts.  That’s just there because of lawyers.