What Does a Grammar Check Check For?

Jun 25, 2020 by

If you have used a spell checker before, then you will have a pretty good idea of what a grammar checker might be. While a spell check gives you the added confidence of ensuring that you spelled all of your wonderful words correctly; a grammar check zooms in on your use of grammar in your writing to give it the clean, professional polish it deserves.

Our grammar checker uses an advanced system to identify common writing errors and help you fix them. This is an essential step for anyone looking to complete clean, polished writing. Whether you are a journalist, student, or content writer, you need to always check and double-check your grammar to be your best at all times.

What does a grammar check check for? Let’s go through some of the key mistakes that a grammar checker can come to your rescue and save you from.

Comma Drama

That little punctuation mark known as a comma puts a temporary pause in the middle of an idea. But there are times when commas get misused and a grammar checker can assist us with those.

  • Comma Splice: Splices take place when a comma is used to join two independent clauses. A grammar check can help you out here.
  • Compound Sentence Problems: When commas are not used in compound sentences, lengthy run-on sentences and blurry, jumbled up ideas arise.
  • modifying. Usually, misplaced modifiers can be caught with simple proofreading.
  • Missing Commas: Grammar checkers are great at reminding you when there are missing commas after introductions.
  • Overused Commas: Just like there is a problem when there aren’t enough commas; there is also such thing as too many commas.

Sentence Tension

What are the most common grammatical sentence mistakes?

  • Run-On Sentences: When your sentence seems to go on and on, line after line, for an eternity, there is probably missing commas at play.
  • Sentence Fragments: Sentence fragments are mistakes that make your ideas unclear to readers because they aren’t sure who is doing the speaking or what is meant.
  • Sprawling Sentences: Sprawling sentences happen when there are too many long, consecutive sentences happening, one after another.

Other Grammar Issues

  • Split Infinitives: When an action word is used with “to,” you have yourself what is called an infinitive. Grammar checking will show you when a split infinitive has accidently occurred. This grammar mistake happens when an adjective is put between an action word and the word “to.”
  • Subject-Verb Agreement Errors: This might be one of the biggest areas of grammar problems. Subject-verb agreement problems occur when using the right plural versus singular words.
  • Misplaced Modifiers: Another very common grammar issue is when there are misplaced modifiers. This typically happens when nouns are wrongly separated from the words they are modifying.
  • Vague Pronouns: Imagine how confused a reader would be is they keep seeing “she” or “he” or “they” in your writing and they have absolutely no idea who the person is that you are referring to?
  • Problems with Parallel Structure: Parallel structure problems are a common grammar problem that needs correcting when you are writing an article or research paper that includes using lists.
  • Colon Mistakes: Colons get misused on a regular basis when they are shoved in the center of sentences. When should we see colons? They should only be put after complete thoughts. This is a grammatical mistake that is not only very easy to make, but even easier to fix with a grammar checker at your service.

Grammar checking technology is able to locate and make suggestions to correct common grammar mistakes. Take the hassle out of writing and execute your work like a professional.

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