What Governor Rick Perry has done for the State of Texas

Sep 12, 2011 by

All you have to do is listen to Perry gloat about himself
by Peter Stern
I never saw a guy smack himself on the back as much as Rick Perry does… “Practice makes perfect.”

The Truth is that Gov. Perry and the Texas Legislature have hurt Texans and families worse during the past decade than any previous “regime.” That’s right, I said regime!

The “No New Taxes” Texas GOP platform is a load of buffalo chips. Simply look at the consistent climb of property taxes during that time period. Home and land taxes have never been higher.

Lax insurance legislation and not reacting to the request of the industry to help it with a hard market, ensured that Perry and then Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Commissioner Jose Montemayor permitted the insurance industry to overnight double our home insurance premiums and although they talked a good game about getting back some of the increases, we Texans still pay the 2nd highest home insurance premiums in the nation after Florida. And God only knows what is going to happen to the premiums after more than 60 wildfires burned down over 1000 homes and approximately 40,000 acres of Texas wild land.

Add to all this nonsense higher fees, penalties and costs by the state. The state also tried to snow Texans into accepting more toll roads. So far, it is fortunate that for the most part the majority of Texans are quite verbal about blocking these attempts. Toll roads are NOT in the best interests of the Texas community.

Texans already know that Perry is a compulsive liar and a sociopath who believes his own lies about what a great job he has done as our Governor. It is important that the rest of the nation is made aware of the real Rick Perry and not the myth.

Oh, did I mention that Perry almost single-handedly deregulated higher education tuition, costs of electricity, and did more to protect the “big boys” from what he lovingly calls “frivolous” lawsuits? The lawsuits are the only check the people have on malpractice issues.

By the way, Perry’s stance on eminent domain is legendary. Even the farmers and ranchers organizations are not happy with Perry on this issue. Why would they be? Perry is making sure that when the state and his special interests take your land, you won’t get the real value for it. What a guy!

Yes, Perry is quite the legend — in his own mind!!!

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