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To evaluate whether job candidates will fit well into a role, recruiters have come up with diverse methods that go beyond standard one-on-one interviews. After all, interviews can have a limited scope–they don’t allow recruiters to see how job candidates interact when they’re part of a group, and they can be less accurate at gauging a candidate’s technical skills compared to written exams.

If you’re already more than halfway through the job application process, you might be asked to come over for an assessment day, where recruiters will ask you to do tasks alongside other job applicants. This can be nerve-wracking because you will be evaluated across different aspects such as critical thinking, presentation skills, and adaptability. Assessment days usually last for a whole day, but in rare situations, larger companies might have you over for two days.

Although each company’s assessment day is different, you can improve your performance by being familiar with the most common tests and exercises that recruiters use. After a quick orientation where recruiters will prep you for the day and explain more about the company, here’s what you can expect for the rest of assessment day:


Presentations are a popular way for recruiters to assess your public speaking skills as well as your clarity in delivering a message. If you’re applying for a role in sales, marketing, data science, or business development, then it’s likely that you’ll have to do a presentation! Recruiters typically allot around 20 to 30 minutes for you to plan your presentation and create slides. The presentation is usually about a topic that job applicants should be familiar with–you’ll be speaking mostly from experience rather than doing extended research. Some recruiters might even ask you to present on the spot without slides. While most assessment day presentations are done solo, recruiters will occasionally opt for group presentations instead. In this case, you’ll have less time to speak, so make the most out of it!


Groupwork is part of almost every assessment day, especially if you’re applying for a managerial role or you will be working heavily with a team for the job. This gives recruiters the opportunity to observe your soft skills, from your willingness to step up as a leader to the way you communicate in a time-pressured situation. Ice-breakers at the start of the assessment day are a typical groupwork activity. You might have to solve a puzzle together or build a structure using paper or straws. Roleplays are also possible, where each member of the group is assigned to a specific role and you have to act out how you’ll respond to a work situation. Since breaks between activities are unavoidable, you can take the time to chat casually with other applicants to demonstrate your interpersonal skills to recruiters.

In-Tray Exercises

In-tray exercises assess how well you can organize tasks. For each question, you’ll be presented with a specific scenario along with a list of tasks, and you have to decide the order in which you’ll do the tasks. Tasks might include responding to customer emails, preparing reports, addressing a co-worker’s concern, or reading through a project brief. You will then have to explain the reasoning behind your answer. It’s not unusual for a single in-tray exercise to give you ten to thirty scenarios, so it’s important to work fast. Recruiters might also provide you with additional information such as the organizational structure of the company or details about clients so you can fine-tune your answers.

Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are standardized multiple-choice tests that evaluate your cognitive thinking. SHL tests are a favorite among recruiters, with different types of tests focusing on your verbal or mathematical reasoning, ability to detect patterns, deductive thinking, and more. There are also more nuanced assessments such as situational judgment tests, where you’re given different workplace situations and you have to choose the most appropriate course of action for these. All in all, any aptitude tests you’ll be taking will be based on your role. For example, spatial awareness tests often appear for visual-heavy roles such as design and engineering.

Aside from these, you might also be scheduled for interviews during the day. While recruiters won’t necessarily tell you what’s in store for you on assessment day, preparing yourself for these exercises and tests can help you succeed. This might be the last step before you get the job offer!

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