What is Bongo Bingo?

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Not only is Bongo Bingo fun to say, it’s also fun to play. But what is Bongo Bingo? It’s something you’re likely not going to want to miss out on, that’s for sure. As far as bingo games go, this is probably one of the most exciting and energetic variations of the game out there.

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If you’re reading this, you probably already love bingo games anyway – but you might be a bingo games veteran who’s known their fair share of bingo games losses and wins over time. But have you ever played bingo games after an interval of raving? Had a dance off to win cash prizes? If not, read on to find out if Bongo Bingo is for you… 

What Happens During Bongo Bingo? 

Bongo Bingo offers a special twist on everybody’s favourite classic. With Bongo Bingo games, a typical night here consists of rounds of bingo games with intervals of raving, dance-offs and catwalks across tables. Events are hosted by Jonny Bongo and trusted sidekicks Sweaty Betty and Peggy. 

These bingo games are played over pitchers of cocktails and beer, fast dances and 90s pop with celebrity entertainment – what’s not to love? Even celebrities have enjoyed a game of Bongo Bingo in the past, with appearances from figures that include David Hasselhoff, Five, S Club and the Vengaboys. 

How to Play Bongo Bingo? 

With a lot of dancing, and bingo games of course. What you’ll be doing will change moment to moment – we did say it’s unlike any other kind of bingo games! In the middle of Bongo Bingo, there will usually be a 15 minute interval of raving with the celeb entertainment. Expect lights off, plenty of glow sticks, and a smattering of confetti. 

It’s a good choice of bingo games if you think you’re a dab hand at multi-tasking. Why not test your skills with Bongo Bingo games and see if you can go from dancing on a table to finding a number on your bingo card! 

Bongo Bingo Prizes 

At the start of Bongo Bingo games you’ll normally see prizes of Coco Pops, plush animal teddies and in some instances even a Henry Hoover! With Bongo Bingo, unlike regular bingo games, these kinds of prizes are funnily enough some of the most coveted of the lot and have quickly become house favourites. 

Not to mention the fact there’s always some kind of fluffy pink unicorn toy up for grabs with bongo bingo games too – but cash prizes are also in play here. Winners of Bongo bingo games have got some whoppers in the past too – a sailboat, a Porsche and even a holiday to the Caribbean. 

Bongo Bingo Conclusion 

Bongo Bingo is the game for you if you’re looking for a truly riveting bingo games experience alongside the chance to win some great prizes and more. Now, with this handy guide, you don’t need to worry about being a newbie to bongo bingo – so what are you waiting for? Give it a go today!

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